Being Bold Inside and Out

How are you going to step boldly out into the world this summer? This is the season to take the self-reflection you have been doing while stuck inside and transform your self-knowledge into concrete steps that will help you move out into your best self. Summer is a time to enjoy. Sun and fun are bursting out all over the place. How are you going to bold and enjoy yourself? This is a season for you, no one else. Remember you already are bold and wise.

Being bold inside means taking care of our physical health. It is being aware of what we are doing well physically and where we could tweet our routines. This is not a time to judge yourself by some unrealistic benchmark. Instead of trying to get a six-pack, consider adding yoga or a dance class a few times a week. Instead of buying a ton of health products, consider just what you need such as eczema cream, a multivitamin, or just committing to taking any doctor prescribed medicine as recommended. Instead of stressing about the perfect diet consider eating a few more vegetables or focusing on drinking more water. When we take care of our health even small steps make a big difference. These small steps are also more likely to become a habit that you will continue into the future. Remember that honestly no one will ever hit the gym 7 days a week long term. This is not a time to worry about being perfect but instead stress self-love.

Being bold inside also means taking care of our mental and emotional health. Without being our best mentally and emotionally we will struggle to be resilient when faced with the challenges of life. What this looks like for you will depend on many factors. It is vital to remember that self-care is a very personal process. Sometimes this process will look like journals and mediation. Sometimes this process looks like bubble baths and candles. Sometimes this process will include working with a therapist to work through our experiences and our reactions to those experiences. Some will even find that this process is simply taking a few deep breaths at regular intervals throughout the day. What might self-care look like for you right now? Remember there are no right or wrong answers to this process. Each of us is in need of different experiences and activities. It is not about comparing yourself to others, but instead about knowing yourself.

Being bold outside means being comfortable in your own skin. It is amazing the different ways an outfit can make us feel. Some outfits make us feel connected to family or friends. Other outfits are power outfits and help us stand tall and believe in ourselves. Other outfits make us feel completely comfortable. One important thing to remember is how clothing makes you feel is all that matters. It doesn’t matter what others think of your choices. So if you love bold colors wear bold colors. If you feel more comfortable in neutral tones go ahead. If you own a hat or scarf or necklace which means a lot because of who gave it to you, or who you inherited it from, enjoy.

You know deep inside that you are bold and beautiful inside and out. What are you going to do to express this in terms of health goals, mental health, and how you express your style? Breath, this is not a test, this is a party instead. Go grab a drink with yourself and enjoy your own power. There is nothing that you can’t handle with a bit of self-knowledge and choosing to reach out for support when you need a little boost.

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