Great Gift Ideas for High School Graduates

Graduation is almost upon us. Students across the country are getting ready to finally receive their diploma and celebrate the end of their high school careers. And for many family members, you may be searching for gift ideas for your grad. You want them to know they are loved and you are so proud of their achievements. The following ideas are sure to show just that.

New Purse

One gift that is sure to please is a new purse. Whether it’s designer or not, a small clutch for just the essentials or a large tote that can be used in place of a backpack, it is sure to please. Make sure there is a spot for her cell phone so she will always be able to call you while she is away.


There are lots of options here to commemorate this special occasion. Whether you choose to gift a new bracelet, necklace, or a pair of princess cut earrings to commemorate her graduation, she will be sure to love her new addition and treasure it for the rest of her life.

You can even have jewelry custom made for you so she can take a piece of you with her when she goes off to college. Write down a few words of love and send it off, and what will come back will be a handmade bracelet that it is sure no one else will have.

Custom Tumbler

Yeti mugs are very popular now. They are everywhere. Purchase your graduate a custom Yeti that lets the world know they are a high school graduate in 2020 and they are sure to say thank you. Or, choose one that shows off the college they are planning on attending. Your graduate is sure to carry this with them all day while on campus.

Whatever you choose, fill it with some cash or gift cards for an even bigger impact when they open your gift.


On the more practical side, your graduate may be in need of some new luggage to pack all of their belongings in when they move to campus. Whether it is used for some post-graduation travels, summer internships, or spring break next year, you are sure this gift will get a lot of use.

A New Camera

Gift them the ability to capture memories this summer and beyond with a new camera. For those looking for a big bang for your buck, instant cameras are very popular now and not that expensive. Easy to use and great for snapping a quick photo or creative activities, these cameras are a wonderful option for the average user. On the other end of the budget spectrum, you could go all out and purchase a new DSLR camera if your graduate is a little more serious about their photography. Do some research, as options exist for all budget and user levels.

T-Shirt Quilt

For something a little more personal, making a quilt of all the t-shirts your graduate has collected from various summer camps or team sports is something they can take with them and let them remember not only their high school experience but also you. For those who cannot make one themselves, there are several companies out there who will make it for you. All you need do is mail in the shirts and wait for the magic to happen.


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