How to Declutter Your Personal Life

Once you declutter your home, it will almost look as if an interior designer has visited. But, in truth, all you’ve done is reduce the amount of stuff piling up in your rooms.

Similar magic happens when you declutter your personal life. Although the things you’ll get rid of will be more abstract, you’ll still notice a distinct improvement.

While decluttering your home increases your physical space, decluttering your personal life increases your psychic space.

Some things to consider moving out of your life are harmful habits and high stress.

Eliminate Bad Habits 

Bad habits range from mild to severe. The worst habits are those that negatively impact your health and well-being.

The best way to eliminate addictive habits is to work on one at a time. You’ll know a habit is gone when you no longer feel the compulsion to follow it. If you try to get rid of more than one habit at a time, you’ll feel overwhelmed and quit.

Here are 3 types of destructive habits that you should eliminate to improve the quality of your life.

  1. Smoking: Don’t cut down how much you smoke but eliminate it. Smoking endangers you, everyone in your household, and your pets. Diseases caused by smoking include lung, oropharyngeal, and esophageal cancer. Smoking also increases your risk of stroke, heart disease, and aortic aneurysm.

  2. Drinking: How long does alcohol stay in your blood? It takes your liver an hour to metabolize one drink. So if you have been drinking heavily, perhaps most of the night, it will take several hours for your body to flush out the toxins. Although you may not be an alcoholic and label yourself a social drinker, you should still stop drinking. Instead of quibbling about how much you’re consuming, cut out the habit. Alcohol increases your risk of developing a serious illness, such as cancer, heart disease, high blood pressure, digestive problems, and liver disease. And that’s just a brief list of some ways alcohol can ruin your life.

  3. Recreational Drugs: Forget about reducing how much you use–eliminate it. Misuse of drugs can damage the kidney and liver and has a harmful effect on cardiovascular function, respiratory function, gastrointestinal function, and musculoskeletal function

Reduce High Stress 

Reducing stress should be high on your list of things to change in your life. While regular stress is unavoidable and some is beneficial–what psychologists call eustress–consistently elevated levels of stress becomes chronic stress.

When you have chronic stress, your body releases adrenaline and cortisol. These two hormones protect you in an emergency. Since you’re unlikely to come across a mountain lion anytime soon, excessive levels of these hormones cause more harm than good.

If you have frequent headaches, find difficulty in concentrating, or get sick more than before, you’re experiencing symptoms of chronic stress.

While you may not be able to quit your fast-paced job or eliminate other major stressors in your life, you can learn various techniques to mellow out at the end of the day. Perhaps go for a lengthy walk in nature or master the art of meditation. Perhaps soak in a bath with Epsom salts, baking soda, and a few drops of an essential oil, like lavender, peppermint, or eucalyptus.

Perhaps take up Tai chi, qigong, or yoga.

To conclude–although it’s difficult to work on eliminating more than one dangerous habit at a time, you can work on getting rid of one habit and stress-reduction at the same time because they are synergistic. For example, eliminating smoking creates withdrawal symptoms and adding a relaxation technique like yoga to your daily routine will reduce the stress of quitting tobacco.

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