Tips for Making a Furnished Apartment a Reflection of You

Furnished apartments tend to come with leases that are short term due to the fact that they cater to people who are not intending to stay there for long periods of time. It doesn’t matter if you’re a business person from out of town, a nomadic spirit, or a student who’s traveling, if you happen to move into furnished apartments, it’s most likely not with the intention of staying forever. Regardless, you want it to feel like home. 

The great thing about fully furnished apartments is that they have everything you need to call the place home. From kitchenware and luxury living room furniture to bedroom linens and decorative bathroom essentials, you’re really set to go. If you want to add a bit of personality, however, these tips are sure to help you out. 

Bedroom Essentials

typically include things like a nightstand, dresser, and bed. It’s easy to spruce the room up to make it your own simply by putting out a few pictures (in frames) of family and friends, along with a knick-knack or two from home, a box fan or air purifying device, and an alarm clock. Of course, for the larger things, you’ll need your own throw blankets, comforters, sheets, and pillows. Also, don’t forget plenty of hangers for your clothes as well as a laundry basket.

Common Areas

Aside from having things like a diffuser in your living room or common areas, there are quite a few other things you can do to stamp yourself on the space. Curtains, for example. This is something that everyone needs. They give you a sort of homey feel that you’ll never know you lacked until you hang them. Choose curtains in a color and pattern that suits the look you’re going for, and be sure that they go with every other decorative piece you’ve brought into the apartment.  

Another thing you can do with your furnished apartment is to bring a bit of color into it. One way to do this is with your bedding, blankets, pillows, and curtains. Pick a color scheme and make sure you adhere to it. Neutral palettes will be simple to match any sort of furnished apartment.  That being said, if you happen to be a massive fan of neon pink, bring it. The point is to make your space feel as if it’s your home, so you need to be guided by your personal taste. Just be consistent.  

Cover the Furnishings

When it comes to interior design trends and furnished apartments, you have to work with what you have. One way to do that is to cover the furnishings. Your apartment probably comes with pillows on the chairs and sofa, so use them to your best advantage. Just make or buy covers to fit over the pillows that are already there. Pillow covers alone can transform generic decor into something you’ll be proud to show off while not being too hard on your budget.  

You can take this a step further if you use a chair or sofa cover that sings out to you. Consider covering that cold leather the couch is made of with a warmer corduroy or suede cover. These covers are available in a wide variety of patterns, fabrics, colors, and sizes. Just be sure to get colors that won’t clash with everything else in the room and that you purchase the right size. If your measurements aren’t exact, that cute cover will quickly become an ill-fitting, bunched up nightmare.  

It’s fortunate that you can give your furnished apartment a facelift (while not doing any lasting damage) that will allow you to stamp your own style and personality on it. The best thing of all is that this can be done while not going over your budget. Just take it room by room and you’ll have transformed the entire apartment in no time.


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