A Fine Line: 4 Ways to Find the Right Balance in your Life

Creating a harmonious life is about having balance. Whether that’s a balance between financial wellbeing and enjoying your funds or between your health and your happiness, we believe that balance is about a holistic combination of all these aspects. But when it comes to tackling your health, you may walk a fine line between becoming too absorbed in specifics and not seeing the forest for the trees – so to speak.

So how do you reach the goal of having a harmonious, balanced life that permits you to find happiness and health without dedicating a disproportionate amount of time, money, and energy to it? You follow these four tips:

Assess your life as it is now 

You can’t change anything without understanding exactly where you’re at right now. Taking a good, hard look at your health right now is the first step to restructuring your help. Assess how much you exercise, how hard you go when you do, and any pain or issues it brings up. Look at what you eat and how you might be able to improve that. Also, don’t ignore your mental health in all this. Having sound mental health and a good outlook is key for succeeding in improving your health. If this assessment seems overwhelming, you can use an overall health test to determine where you stand. 

Start small

You can easily overwhelm yourself if you try to go too big, too fast. If you rarely exercise and you decide you’re going to run a marathon in a month, you’re setting yourself up to fail. Becoming healthy is about small, consistent steps in the right direction. Whether that’s removing a bit of bad food from your diet or starting to go for daily walks, you can find a lot of inspiration and ideas from blogs like conservehealth that offer informational articles.

Plan for it

If exercising is a key part of your health goals, then you’ll want to set a schedule and have a plan. Without a set schedule, you may struggle to keep to your goals and to continue working. This is especially common when you start to plateau, which often happens around two or three months into working out. Since we’re all busy, it’s also important to remember that exercise in small doses can be just as effective as big workouts. Even a fifteen-minute HIIT workout can give you impressive caloric burn, even for hours after you’ve finished the workout. Planning for a small amount of exercise on the regular will help you succeed when your urge is to quit. 

Set goals

Whether your goals are physical or mental, setting a goal you’d like to achieve will help you focus and stay on the right track. One thing that’s important for succeeding with a goal is to make sure it reflects what you can feasibly achieve and is measurable. Finding an Instagram influencer body and thinking ‘this is what I want to look like’ isn’t a measurable or healthy goal. Instead, focus on measurements, distance, weight, or other clearly measurable goals. 

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