How to Update Your Style on a Budget

Are you tired of recycling the same few items of clothing to make an outfit? Is your closet filled with things you can no longer fit? Maybe you’re personality and style preferences are changing and you’re looking to reinvent yourself? You know that updating your style could be just the solution you need, but you hold off because you’re on a tight budget. 

Buying yourself new clothes, getting a new hairstyle, or even treating yourself to a mani and pedi seems minuscule on the list of things you have to cover. So, you grin and bear it and try to make do with what you have. Only, it does nothing for your self-confidence. 

What if there were some way to update your style without compromising your budget? Check out these tips below: 

Set a Budget

The first thing you want to do is set a budget for your style update. How much can you afford to spend without taking away from your other financial obligations? If you can’t seem to find any additional funds, you can try cutting back or eliminating non-essential purchases like entertainment. Once you have a dollar amount, this is all you have to use no matter what. 

Check Out Your Existing Wardrobe

Before you begin shopping for new clothes, shoes, and other fashion items, review your existing wardrobe. Get rid of anything that no longer fits or things that no longer suit your preference. You can sell any fashion items in good condition at a yard sale or online to earn extra cash for your budget or simply donate them. Make note of everything you have left in your closet so that you can purchase items to add on and create an outfit. 

Do it Yourself

Going to a hairstylist or a nail salon on a weekly basis can get costly. However, if you learn how to do these things yourself, you save a ton in the end. Whether you want a short haircut, a new hair color, or a french tip manicure and pedicure, a few online tutorials can show you how to do this yourself and avoid having to pay a professional. So grab the clippers, purple hair dye, curlers, flat iron, nail polish, and supplies and have fun experimenting with styles that best suit you. 

Purchase Wardrobe Staples

If you don’t have the funds to purchase an entirely new wardrobe your best option would be to purchase staple fashion items instead. These items are called staples because they pair well with just about anything and help to complete any outfit. You’d be surprised how you can transform your style with nothing more than some white shirts, skinny jeans, sundresses, denim jackets, cardigans, and trendy flats. Since they’re basic in nature, you’ll find that they are very affordable to add to your wardrobe. 

Shop Second-Hand

The second-hand store might be the last place you think to shop when you’re trying to update your style, but there are lots of hidden finds you could be overlooking. The best part is, it’s a lot more affordable. As fashion has a way of recycling, you may be able to find some vintage pieces that are now back in style. If nothing else, you can spend time looking for the list of wardrobe staples from above. 

Splurge on Statement Pieces

After you’ve accumulated enough fashion items to revamp your style, you can use the funds you have left to splurge on some statement pieces. This can be a bold-patterned shirt or pair of pants, some jewelry, a hat, scarf, or even a pocketbook. These items stand out and may cost you a bit more money but are ideal for adding character to your style. Don’t be afraid to step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. 

It’s not uncommon for your personal style to go down the drain. When you’ve got so many other things you’re responsible for in life, there’s often little to no money left over to invest in yourself. Luckily, with a bit of creativity and savvy shopping, you can update your personal style without breaking the bank. 

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