Winning More Business: Selling Solutions Rather than Products is Key

Marketing departments are always seeking new ways to get their products out there for the public. Selling is, after all, a fundamental part of owning a business. To stay afloat, a business must sell a minimum quota of products to reach their profit margin. 

Some people are natural-born sellers, while others have to struggle with the necessary evil of their industry. What if we told you that you’re going about it the wrong way if you’re only selling the product and not the solution? 

Keep reading to learn the difference between the two. Online business blogs, such as bullpreneur, offer marketing strategies, analytics, and more! 

Connect With Your Clients on an Emotional Level, Not Just a Financial One

One of the most common missteps of marketing is to make the product seem like it’s for everyone. Consumers want to feel special, like the marketing is aimed directly at them. 

The difficulty lies in reproducing that feeling a million times over for each consumer who sees the ad. It’s a feat very few businesses have mastered. 

People want to buy a product because they connect with it on a deeper level, not because of the pretty packaging. They want to be able to use the product as a solution to a problem they are having or an obstacle they can’t overcome on their own. 

A marketing team’s job is connecting with one person and everyone at the same time. 

5 Ways to Focus on Solutions, Not Just the Product

In a way, all products are meant to serve as a solution by filling a need. However, that’s simply not enough in today’s marketing climate where markets are oversaturated with choices. 

Focusing on offering solutions instead of selling products can make the difference of a consumer choosing your business over another. Here are 5 tips to focus on solutions rather than products: 

  1. Listen to what your customers need, not what they want. Most customers ultimately buy only things they need rather than what they want. Market toward needs, not wants. 

  1. In hundreds of marketing messages, be the one that stands out. We are all exposed to 4,000 or more marketing messages per day, studies show. Yet, we only remember a third of them. Be the one people remember. 

3. Explain the value of the solution. Will it save the consumer time? Does it improve their lives in some way? Tell consumers the value of the solution. 


  1. Use social media to tell your company’s story. How-to videos on YouTube, jumping on the TiKTok craze… there are endless options for using social media to stand out. 


  1. Foster long-term relationships, not short-term profits. Brand loyalty is the foundation of any good business. Many consumers stick with what they know and are loath to try somewhere new. Utilize that to your advantage. 


Consumers Crave Solutions to Their Problems

For the most part, consumers are looking to spend their money guilt-free. By buying something that solves a problem, they can convince themselves that they are filling a need. Be that solution. 

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