Top Educational Resources to Keep Your Kids Learning at Home

Whether your kids are learning at home or if they’re in school, look for supplemental learning at home. Maybe it’s the summer, and you don’t want them to lose their edge, or perhaps you’re trying to prepare them for kindergarten or college. Whatever your situation, there are more resources for learning from home than ever before. 

The good news is most of the resources are free, and they offer a wide variety of programs that are sure to keep your kids engaged.

Although an online teaching credential certification might help if you are teaching your kids full time, you don’t need any special qualifications to use these supplemental programs. Browse through these programs with your children and choose whatever fits their learning style.

Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a free resource for people of all ages and interests that provides educational videos and programs spanning many subjects. Not only do they offer every major subject you see in a traditional school, but they offer AP classes, SAT prep, and Pixar animation.

They also provide a tracking system so you can see how your kids are doing in their classes. You can assign work, and your kids can take quizzes and tests to see what they’ve learned. And if you want to give your kids more freedom to choose subjects, they can browse through the classes and pick videos that match their interests.

Bored of Boredom

Bored of Boredom is a compilation of individual and group classes designed by high school students. They cover academics and art for mostly K through 8th grade, with tutoring options for high school kids. They teach classes in Zoom at set times and days that you can sign up for on the site.

Like Khan Academy, all the classes are free, and they include group activities to keep kids connected from home. To support their classes and tutoring, Bored of Boredom holds bake sales for fundraising and uses many volunteers to keep kids’ brains working and learning.


Scholastic is specifically for elementary school kids to keep educational skills sharp during the summer months. The difference with Scholastic is that they charge a monthly fee, but the price is low and you can cancel anytime. They concentrate their learning efforts on stories and games, and they even have virtual field trips your children can attend while on their school break.

Learning at Home Center is not just for looking up the definitions of words anymore since they opened their Learning at Home Center. Targeting kids of all ages and interests, the Learning at Home Center offers learning through games, writing activities, and quizzes. The subject range includes writing, grammar, vocabulary, science, and other age-appropriate activities.

Written and approved by teachers, all the content in the home center is top-notch, and you know your kids are learning from the best. Plus, each of the activities and resources is free for all learners.

Learn Something New Every Day

The key to keeping your children engaged and learning is to make learning activities fun and offer a lot of choices. The above are just a few resources online offering classes, but there are a lot more targeted classes your kids can enjoy. Giving your kids a variety of choices in both subject matter and learning style allows them to choose a program or class that works for them.

Piquing their interest guarantees that their lessons will stick with them and become building blocks for their education now and in the future.

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