5 Things To Do When You First Learn You’re Pregnant

When a pregnancy test comes back positive, a second and third test tends to follow. Most women find the excitement of a positive pregnancy test unbelievably great news and need extra confirmation. Once the miraculous event settles in her mind, plenty of tasks await in the months leading up to delivery. Complete the following five tasks soon after learning there’s a baby on the way!

1- Find a Gynecologist

Some people call them OB/GYNs. Perhaps it sounds better that way. Whatever you call the baby doctor, they’re an important person now that you are with a child. A gynecologist is the professional you’ll visit during the pregnancy. The doctor monitors the baby’s growth and your health for the glorious nine months of pregnancy. The physician specialist then delivers the bundle of joy when the big day arrives. Ask mom friends for their gynecologist recommendations. Or, search for a provider via the internet, using reviews and other online sources to weed out providers that aren’t up to par.

2- Decide If You Want to Know the Gender

Harvard research suggests approximately 58% of all moms-to-be learn the sex of their baby before its birth. Are you among the moms who cannot wait to determine this information? Learning the baby’s gender by ultrasound occurs sometime around the 20th week of pregnancy, but if you want to find out sooner than ever before, take a gender prediction test. This will allow you to learn the gender of your baby as early as 8 weeks! The simple, safe blood test gives parents-to-be an advantage -and head start- when planning for their baby’s arrival.

3- Choose Baby Names

Although naming a baby is still several months away, choosing names is one of the more exciting aspects of pregnancy. Moms-to-be and dads-to-be scour over endless names until finding the perfect choice for their bundle of joy. Internet resources and baby books offer the most extensive compilation of baby names. Friends, celebrities, and television also help with baby name ideas. Choosing a name is serious business, but it’s also a ton of fun for parents-to-be!

4- Prioritize Your Health

Any illicit drug use must end once you’re pregnant. The same rule applies to alcohol. Drugs and alcohol are harmful and potentially fatal to the fetus. Apart from discontinuing drug and alcohol use, other factors play a significant role as a mom-to-be prioritizes health during pregnancy. Remember that it’s not only you now. Everything that you do to your body affects the baby, from the foods that you consume to the exercises you perform. Make sleep a top priority. Change your eating habits. Be more careful when lifting or completing tenuous activities.

5- Take a Prenatal Vitamin

A daily prenatal vitamin fills in the gap for moms-to-be who may not get vital nutrients from the foods they eat. The vitamins contain extra calcium and iron, both important for a growing baby. Other essential nutrients inside prenatal vitamins ensure a healthy, happy pregnancy and delivery. Prenatal vitamins are available online, at vitamin and health food stores, and from your OB/GYN if you prefer.

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