How to Improve Your Chance of Passing Your Driving Test

Taking your driving test can be a nerve-wracking experience, and whether you’ve just booked your first driving lesson or have already mastered some basics behind the wheel, you’re probably thinking about the inevitable test. The driving test consists of demonstrating your driving skills in a number of ways, from general driving to following a map or sat-nav and performing manoeuvres like parallel parking. Your driving instructor will be able to tell you when it’s time to get ready to start thinking about booking and taking your driving test, but in the meantime, here’s what you can do to prepare and improve your chances of passing. 

Practice with a Relative or Friend

While you are having regular driving lessons, it’s also a good idea to try and get some extra practice with a friend or family member, if they have given you permission to drive their car and can legally accompany you. In order to drive somebody else’s car as a learner, they will need to be with you at all times and they should be over the age of 21 and have had a full license for three years. You will also need to display ‘L’ plates and get provisional insurance. Provisional insurance can be bought by the month or in some cases, the week or even for a day – and you can get quotes from various companies that provide it through a comparison platform. Just enter your details and press search. 

Keep It to Yourself

As the day of the test gets closer, you might be feeling under pressure to pass – and telling everybody in your life that you’ve got your driving test coming up could be a source of extra pressure for you, as the last thing that you want is to go back and tell everyone you didn’t pass. You might find it useful to keep the date and time of your test to yourself or share it with a couple of close people in your life so that you can go into it without any unnecessary pressure on yourself. 

Eat and Get Plenty of Sleep

The night before your driving test, it’s normal to feel a little bit nervous, and if you’re having trouble sleeping due to nerves, you might want to try something like Bach’s rescue remedy or listening to soft music to calm you. The truth is that your driving performance might suffer if you are running on barely any sleep, so do what you need to do to destress yourself. Before your test, make sure that you eat a healthy, filling breakfast to fuel your mind and body for the challenge ahead. 

Remember – It’s Okay Not to Pass

Thousands of people don’t pass their driving test the very first time that they take it, so don’t worry if you don’t either. Changing your mindset as you go into the driving test and accepting that not passing it is okay; it’s a learning curve for when you try again, can release some of that pressure and actually help you perform better as you’re more relaxed. 

Finally, speak to your driving instructor! They are the best source of advice that you have when it comes to improving your chances of passing.

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