Can Personal Technology Actually Improve Your Quality of Life?

Remember when technology was the sole domain of geeks? Those were the bad old days. And we are better off keeping them in our rear-view mirror. Never again should something so useful be the sole domain of any one group.

Consumer technology has earned its place as something more than a passing fancy. Ubiquitous internet connectivity on par with any other utility. Without it, a family is at a distinct disadvantage. Not having a smartphone is almost as crippling as not having a landline phone was 40 years ago.

Despite these well-accepted facts, some are still skeptical about the utility of personal, consumer technology. One wonders what technology has to do to prove itself. Sticking with the smartphone, just think about all the things it has duplicated or replaced:

  • Makeup mirror
  • Pocket calculator
  • Personal music player
  • Video player
  • Portable game console
  • Radio
  • Portable TV
  • Newspaper
  • Map
  • Bus pass
  • Payment card
  • Bank

While the list is far from endless, this one is far from exhaustive. Replacing a lost, stolen, or damaged smartphone is well worth one of those personal loans no credit check will keep you from getting. No one buys a $1,000 smartphone lightly. And no one can easily give it up. To say that these devices have improved our quality of life is a gross understatement. Here are a few more examples:

Technology Can Improve Health

One can most certainly improve their health and well-being with the aid of personal technology. One way is to wear tech gadgets that double as health monitors. Smart watches and fitness bands are good examples. The Apple Watch can literally save your life by calling emergency services if you happen to take a fall and are rendered unconscious. Fitbit can help track your steps and provide motivation to keep going.

There are other devices that can connect to a smartphone for monitoring health such as glucose meters and blood pressure cuffs. That makes it easy for people with health conditions to monitor the health metrics that matter most to them without having to make appointments with their doctor for basic tracking information. When they do visit the doctor, they can provide an accurate accounting of the metrics for better medical care.

Technology Improves Security

Personal security as a mobile service is like having home security monitoring for individuals. With an app on your smartphone, you can provide security for your mobile workforce or security for your family. Worried about your kids walking to or from school by themselves? Worried about them being home when you’re not? Worried about your spouse when they are working late? All of these worries can be put to rest with the appropriate application of consumer technology that you likely already have.

Simple tech like security cameras, baby monitors, exterior lights, and door locks are already protecting homes and saving lives for a fraction of the costs these products and services used to cost before they were miniaturized and simplified. Securing your home no longer requires expensive technicians and longterm service contracts. Home security companies have been put on notice. Consumer tech is moving in.

Enabling Work from Home

Covid has pushed us all inside. We exercise inside in front of tech-laden, magic mirrors. We send our kids to school without them ever leaving the home. Our doctors make house calls through video conferencing. And we work from home because it is far too dangerous to be trapped inside of an open plan office right now.

Working from home is a game-changer for both employees and employers. People are still getting their work done. But they are also finding it easier to have a better work-life balance. Just eliminating the commute is a major improvement in quality of life. It is also good for employees who can save a ton of money on office space and associated costs of having a large workforce in one place. Workman’s comp claims have to be way down. It is a pity a pandemic was required to force us to do something so obviously beneficial.

Can personal technology improve our quality of life? You bet! Just consider how it helps you track your health, secure your family, and enable you to work even when you can’t leave the house.

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