Take better care of your glasses, with these simple maintenance tips

Are you looking after your glasses properly? Most of us believe that a quick wipe with a cloth should do the trick when in truth, there’s a lot more to consider – especially if you want to keep them looking good for longer.

When done properly, choosing the right pair of frames can be a lengthy, time-consuming process. With so much to consider, from your face shape to your skin tone, the style of frame you want, the color, or even choosing the designer label that’s right for your budget – check out this beautiful range of Oakley glasses, here – it’s clear choosing the right set of frames is an art!

So, once you have your dream pair of frames, you need to know how to look after them properly. Here we’ll explore how you can take better care of your glasses with these simple maintenance tips. 

Water is your friend

You have a smudge or smear on your lens, so you automatically reach for a cloth to wipe away the offending blemish. However, you’re already missing a crucial step! Before you wipe your lenses, you should always rinse your glasses with clean water. Why? Because this will instantly wash away any grit and dirt. Wiping your lenses whilst dry means potentially scratching your lens and causing damage to your glasses!

Only use glasses approved products

It’s easy to reach for household cleaners and sprays when you’re in a rush. However, you should exercise caution. Household cleaners are particularly abrasive and contain harmful ingredients such as ammonia, which is great for your windows but not your glasses. These kinds of chemicals can quickly strip your lenses of any protective coatings leaving you with little protection from everyday smears. As a rule, only use cleaning solutions that are approved for glasses use. 

Use a glasses cloth

I think we’ve all cleaned our glasses with the cuff of our sleeve or the bottom of our shirts before. It’s simple and convenient. However, it’s another bad habit we should avoid if you want to prolong the life of your glasses. Regardless of how soft these materials are, you could be scratching your lenses and transferring any dirt from your clothes or other materials onto your eyewear. Yuck!

Use your glasses case

Your case isn’t just a freebie you get with every pair of frames. They’re the ideal place to store your glasses when they’re not in use. A hard case will stop your glasses from becoming bent or broken. Perfect if you’re someone who takes your glasses off throughout the day. 

And finally, take them off properly

It’s been a long day, so you pull your glasses off your face by the arm to rub your eyes. It’s a common sight. However, this simple habit can dramatically weaken the strength of the arms of your frames, leaving them wonky and loose. If your glasses don’t fit properly then you’ll spend all your time pushing them back up your nose and adjusting them to your face, making it difficult to see and concentrate.

Final thoughts…

Keep these tips in mind and you can enjoy your stunning new frames for longer. 

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