5 Common Window Problems and How to Fix Them

Most older buildings have windows that, over the years, developed problems. Window issues even happen with newer buildings. When any types of window problems occur, it’s always important to deal with them promptly. Here are five common issues owners will experience with a building’s windows.

Any drafts will make a building feel uncomfortable, especially when the weather is already cold. In addition to making occupants feel excessively hot or cold, drafts waste money. Utility bills will go up when drafty windows are not properly identified and dealt with. In most cases, caulking around windows or replacing damaged seals will resolve draft issues. However, owners may find that replacing old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient models not only eliminates drafts but also makes a building more attractive. In highly competitive business environments, looks matter, and customers notice when a building does not appear to be maintained.

Poor Security
Burglars routinely gain entry to buildings by breaking door or window glass. A good-sized rock makes short work of most window glass and allows would-be thieves to enter easily. Once broken, larger windows make it simple to remove inventory or equipment quickly. Installing heavier glass that’s harder to break is one solution, but many building owners find installing Commercial Window Tinting makes breaking a window more difficult.

Foggy Glass
The seals of multi-pane windows commonly fail after a few years, especially if those windows receive a lot of intense sunlight during the day. In the past, the only solution was to replace the windows, as repairs were considered to be impossible. Today, there are some repair experts who can repair the seals rather than replacing the window. If your building’s windows are foggy, discuss the repair and replacement options with a window expert.

Non-Functional Windows
If the windows are intended to open and close, it’s important they are able to do so. Faulty mechanisms make it impossible to operate windows, which means occupants won’t be able to vent their buildings properly. Again, there are times when replacing non-functional hardware may resolve the issue, but there will be other times when replacing the windows will be the best option.

Fading and Sun Damage
Commercial building owners commonly use large display windows to show off merchandise or other types of displays. If displayed items experience fading or other damage related to sun exposure, it’s important to take steps to prevent the issue from causing additional harm. Installing awnings may help to correct the issue, but it’s generally less expensive to install a window film instead. The films also help to moderate the building’s interior temperature. Window experts can recommend the best types of protective films.

Take Care of Problems Now, Not Later
In many instances, it’s easy to put off window repairs. People get used to the issues and simply live with them. That’s not a good idea, as the severity of problems only gets worse when repairs are not made promptly. In some cases, one problem will lead to another. When a window’s glass is broken, people generally take action quickly to replace the broken pane, but dealing with a draft or damaged hardware repair can be put off without creating much additional inconvenience. However, your building’s security and appearance are at stake when window repairs are deferred. Take the time now to replace damaged window glass or hardware, and don’t forget about adding window film.

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