5 Gifts For Dog Lovers That Can Never Go Wrong

The art of gifting can get very challenging especially when you have friends with special demands.
It can be a dog-frenzy friend or a dog parent, you cannot afford to fail them in a surprise.
A gift for a dog lover should be as special and unique as a dog itself. If you have finished exploring the store and find yourself in a fix, look no further!
We have wound up 5 out-of-the-box gifts for a canine freak which can never go wrong. It is 2021 ready which makes it a fresh and new idea to start another year of exchanging presents with.
1. Custom Dog Portrait From  Portraiflip

An ideal gift for a dog lover would be a handmade custom pet portrait from a photo. You know their pet is not going to be around them forever.

While they still have time, crystallize their favorite memory together in a handmade custom pet portrait from Portraitflip, and you will never regret gifting it.

Years down the line even if their pet is not around, they can still cherish the golden times they spent together.

It can also serve as a great gift for grieving pet parents who could not have enough of their furr-frenzy buddy.

Sadly, if your dog lover friend does not have a dog, a custom dog portrait will motivate her to speed up the process of adopting a pooch.
Just click here and get yours already.

Why do we think Portraitflip is the best place to have it from?
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Handmade Portraits are a way of evoking emotions that one didn’t even know existed. The cherry on the top? It will always leave a smile on their face and you will be the reason behind it.

2. Dog Breeds Printed Cotton Tote Bag

Your dog lover friend would want to get hold of this tote bag every time she goes to a local pet store or a grocery run.
It features 60 different dog breeds and will drive your friend crazy.

You will not regret getting her this beautiful bag, and she will not regret having you as her friend.

3. Dog Study Mug

People get attached to little objects in life. The most common object, however, has been coffee mugs. Get a dog study mug to make her desk the ultimate shrine for a dog lover and see her smile through her eyes. Without any qualms, this mug will grow upon her and become her companion mug. It is a genuine and simplistic gift for dog lovers.

4. 2021 Dog Calendar

From a super badass dachshund in a leather jacket to a suited up Shar Pei, this monthly calendar will make your dog lover friend go “oh-my-dawg!” every month.

She may not be able to adopt a puppy but she deserves to drool over a new one every month.

Be her savior, and gift her this calendar so that she can vent out the pent-up oxytocin after seeing all the 12 smart pooches featuring in this calendar.

5. Devoted: 38 Extraordinary Tales of Love, Loyalty, and Life With Dogs

A homage to all the dogs out there who have touched people’s lives with their extraordinary love and loyalty.

If you want a gushy present for someone who loves dogs or is still in a dilemma of getting one, this is the perfect gift for him.

This book has a lot of tear-jerking stories and extremely beautiful pictures that can inspire any human to get a fido.

At the end of the day, it boils down to having a snuggle buddy or at least the hope of getting one.

Inspire, spread, and double their love for dogs with these beautiful 2021 ready gift ideas.

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