7 Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you want to buy a gift for someone who adores cats, don’t worry about not being able to find something you like. The selection of cat-themed gifts to choose from won’t disappoint you. You can find wonderful items for the cat owner, and you will discover awesome things for cats once you start searching for them. Let the following list give you some ideas.

#1: Cat Mugs and More

If you’re not able to spend too much money on a gift, a mug with an image of a cat on it is a gift you should search for. Mugs come in so many styles and sizes; you’re sure to find one that’s perfect for your intended gift recipient. You’ll even find cat mugs that come with a matching spoon. The lucky cat lover you give a cat mug to will be able to enjoy a hot coffee or some other beverage in the mug you chose. Another gift idea is a serving platter with a cat’s image on it. You’ll also find bowls and pitchers with cat images on them. Whether you select a mug that shows a cat’s face on it or a funny message, this gift will be affectionately appreciated.

#2: Clothing for the Cat Lover

Give the cat lover flannel pajamas with images of cats on them. Include cat slippers with your gift to delight your gift recipient even more. If you think this person would rather receive a sweatshirt or a T-shirt, check out your options and choose this type of apparel instead. You will find lots of cute kitty tops with clever phrases and images on them, so consider a cat top as a gift. To show your love for cats, and make a difference in their lives, purchase this gift from an animal welfare organization.

#3: Cat Jewelry

A bracelet with a cat charm on it is a lovely gift for the cat lover who likes wearing jewelry. If you know this person would be happy to wear cat-themed earrings, present them as a gift. Another idea is a cat necklace. 

#4: Cat Art

Perhaps the cat lover you want to present a gift to would love to receive a cat painting. If this person would appreciate such a gift, you’ll be happy to know you have a lot of impressive-looking artwork to choose from. Some of the paintings show cats in comical poses. Others portray felines as being serious and mysterious creatures. A cat painting (classic or otherwise) is a gift any cat lover would cherish. If you want to personalize it and make it extra special, hire someone to paint a portrait of your cat lover’s cat using the pet’s picture. 

#5: Cat Puzzles

A cat puzzle can provide the cat lover with hours of enjoyment. Some puzzles are created by artists. You can also include a puzzle for the cat with your gift. A maze that hides treats the cat can find will keep the kitty entertained while its parent puts the puzzle together. 

#6: Litter Box Enclosures

Litter box enclosures keep litter off the floor, and they give cats privacy when they do their business. These enclosures are also called litter box furniture because some of them look like attractive tables. You can use a litter box enclosure to house a litter box, and you can display pictures and plants on it. Some of these cat bathrooms look like a potted plant. The pot the plant sits in has an opening that gives the cat access to its litter box. 

#7: The Cat Litter Itself

In addition to the gifts mentioned, why not give the cat lover some cat litter? Litter is useful, and it is something that’s always needed when you live with a cat. Crystal litter is highly recommended because it doesn’t have to be changed as often as other types of litter. If you gift the cat lover with crystal litter, you’ll make their life easier. You will also give this person the opportunity to create a healthier environment because this litter produces less dust, and it’s non-toxic. 

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