Not Every Chipped Tooth Is an Emergency: Here’s How to Tell the Difference

Many people have experienced extreme tooth pain and have described it as the worst pain they ever have felt. That may be true but every tooth pain, even extreme pain, is not always considered a dental emergency. Sometimes the pain could be more psychological, because of the way the tooth looks. This is true when a person has a chipped tooth, but there are some instances in which a chipped tooth could be a dental emergency. This article will address how to tell the difference.

The Need to See a Dentist for a True Dental Emergency
It is very easy for a person to get a chipped tooth, such as getting hit in the mouth when playing baseball, or even biting down hard on candy. If it turns out that the chipped tooth is an actual emergency, what will be going through that person’s mind is an “Emergency Dentist Near Me.” Dentists can be located just about anywhere in a city, or at a local hospital when the situation is an emergency. Yet, the person does not want to go to a dentist only to be told his or her case was not an actual emergency. Following are some situations to look at to help determine if it is an emergency.

Situations to Determine If A Chipped Tooth Is A Dental Emergency
A crack in the tooth sounds like a real emergency but isn’t always the case. For example, if there are craze lines that are in the enamel only, that would not be considered a dental emergency. A chipped tooth may be an eyesore but in a lot of cases, the patient can make an appointment and the dentist will see what needs to be done to correct the problem. If the pain is actually severe (and not just in the person’s mind), he or she will most likely need to make an emergency appointment. It is hard to tell by looking at the surface just how deep a crack in the tooth can be.

More Information About a Chipped Tooth
If a person is experiencing severe pain with a chipped tooth or other dental emergency and can’t be seen right away, acetaminophen can be taken to help alleviate the pain. In most cases, people are not allergic to the pill and medical facilities offer it to their patients who are experiencing pain. The dentist will examine the chipped tooth or teeth once the patient can be seen. Recommendations will likely be cosmetic procedures, such as dental bonding, and in some cases, the patient may have to get more extensive work done.

Final Information About a Chipped Tooth
When a tooth has chipped to the point where it is cracked deeply, the dentist may have to do use a dental cap or crown to repair the tooth. If the tooth has chipped and broken off, root canal therapy will have to be performed. The bottom line is, if the chipped tooth is more than just a hairline crack in the enamel, it will most likely be an emergency for that patient. The sooner he or she can be seen, the better the chances of repairing the tooth without too much damage. A chipped tooth is more than just a cosmetic blemish.

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