Redecorate your bedroom for a fresh start

The more time we spend at home, the more we can become dissatisfied with how it looks. If you’re no longer feeling the welcome hug of your bed at night, and you’re getting bored of staring at the same bland walls, it may be time for a bedroom refresh.
Redecorating your bedroom is a great way to bring the feeling of a fresh start into the home. So, here’s some ideas on how to refreshen up your bedroom décor and create a welcoming interior.

More than a window
If you have a bedroom window that overlooks your garden, or looks out onto stunning views, you ideally want to capitalize on this. So, why not open up your window more to the outside world? Putting in French windows and a Juliette balcony is one way to do this.

Bright, fresh flooring
A dull or dark floor can sometimes make the bedroom look small and dingy, rather than cozy. Installing a simple, light flooring option can immediately make the room look fresh and spacious. Some of the best laminate flooring options can convincingly mimic real wood, for a fraction of the price. Go for a light wood tone to keep the room feeling airy.

Soft and cozy beds
One part of your bedroom you do want to feel cozy is the bed itself. A bed that’s perfect for stress-free sleep and long weekend lie-ins. An upholstered headboard creates a soft and welcoming feel, and is the ideal opportunity to add color. Complete the look by choosing your bed linen to match, or contrast, with the headboard. Layer your bedding for that designer style.

Add an accent chair
Adding a modern accent chair to a bedroom can give an instant uplift to an unloved corner. Why not style it with cushions and a small rug underneath? You could use the chair to add a bright pop of color or to complement your bedding. Unlike a sofa, an accent or occasional chair doesn’t need to be simply practical, it can be a fun way to add personality or playfulness to a room.

Keep the room in bloom
One quick way to perk up a drab bedroom is to add fresh flowers. A nicely arranged bunch of flowers has the ability to change the atmosphere of a room and make it feel more loved. You could match the flowers to the season, or simply choose them based on your room’s color scheme.

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