7 Easy Ways to Freshen Your Room

After being locked indoors for months on end, it totally makes sense if you suddenly hate how your space looks and feels. After all, craving change is natural for humans, especially if we have been home more than usual. 

But sprucing up your space doesn’t have to be super expensive and a lot of work. It can be as simple as rearranging your furniture or purchasing a new plant to hang from the ceiling. Whether you’re looking for a pop of color, or a new vibe in your room, here are a few budget-friendly ideas to freshen your room for the new year. 

Diffuse Your Favorite Scents

Is there anything better than buying your new favorite essential oil or lighting that brand new candle? Probably not. Your room will smell amazing and feel more cozy. By purchasing a diffuser, you can always change up the scents you want– that way you’ll never get tired of one! Best part is, they lower your stress levels too! Hopefully, you’ll think the diffuser is aesthetically pleasing too. 

Bring in a Plant 

There’s nothing that adds life to your room like a new plant! Even the smallest bit of green life can change the feel of your room so easily. There are many ways to get creative with plants, you can hang them from the ceiling or put them in a unique basket on the ground. If you need some pizzazz to your desk, you can purchase a succulent or small plant to go on top. Whatever you choose, you can visit your local nursery and ask any questions you have about taking care of your new plant. Try to plan where you want the plant to reside so that you can explain sunlight levels and they can match you with a plant that will live happily in that space. 

If a real plant is too much work or you can never seem to keep them alive, fake plants work just as well. They will still add an element of color and vibrance to your room nonetheless. 

Add a Mirror

A mirror will actually make your room look bigger because there is more light bouncing around the room. Not only that, but you’ll catch glimpses of your beautiful self around the room– where you can also use it to do your hair or apply makeup. Bottom line, there are many fun mirrors out there to choose from. 

Rearrange Your Furniture

Although this one is the most physically taxing, it may have the most benefits in general. Start by thinking about which piece of furniture you want to move the most. Big pieces like your bed or nightstand make all the difference. Next, ask someone you know to help you move the furniture to a different wall or location in your room. And, wallah! You now have a whole new room with a new feel to it. Making this change every few years can feel refreshing and good! 

Change Up Your Lighting 

If you only have one source of lighting, you could be missing out. Adding in another lamp or source of lighting can give your room a different essence. The dim lighting can be great for the evening time when you want to read a book or snuggle up to your favorite movie. Get a floor lamp or table lamp to allow for lighting from different heights. Candles are also a great idea for a romantic mood. 

Add New Decor and Accessories 

You can add in new decor or accessorize without spending a lot of money. Visit your local thrift store or second hand shop to find items that may work in your space. Simple items like books under a fake plant will add some dimension to your surface. Other ideas include: clocks, flowers, candles, or paintings. Find something fun that adds more pop to your room! 

Keep Your Room Clean 

You’d be surprised at how much a clean room can make you feel good. Bring out the vacuum and make your bed! Dust your countertops and ceiling fan. Take a few minutes to hang your clothes instead of leaving them around your room. All these little things can make the world of a difference in your room. 

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