A Toxin-Free Home: Good Bathroom Insulation is the Secret Behind Mold Prevention

Family members use the bathroom to bathe and get ready for the day or prepare for bed. No one wants to fear toxins in their bathroom will make them sick. It is worth the effort and a little expense to make sure the home’s bathrooms are safe from toxins. Keeping the bathroom clean and organized helps provide a safe environment. What can a family do to avoid or get rid of toxins such as mold or mildew? Some bathrooms won’t be safe until they have issues like mold eliminated with a safe bathroom remodel.

Budget-Friendly Bathroom Remodeling Services

To find bathroom remodeling contractors, look online for the Best Bathroom Contractors Near Me, including Simple Bath. Bathroom contractors can come to the home to inspect the bathroom and pinpoint the problems that need solving. Is there enough ventilation to rid the bathroom of steam from baths or showers? Is the bathroom adequately insulated? What other moisture or mold problems are visible?

The bathroom surfaces might be worn and in need of replacing. There could be plumbing leaks adding to the moisture problem. What shape is the ceramic tile bath or shower surrounded in. If it is missing grout, water could be penetrating the walls behind it. Bathroom remodeling experts can check into all of these concerns and come up with a bathroom remodeling solution that gets rid of defects and improves the design of the bathroom.

Finding the correct bathroom remodeling contractor for you is the key to getting the right remodeling job at the right price and in a convenient time frame.

What Items Does a Bathroom Remodel Need?

A bathroom remodel is a chance to upgrade the design and look of the bathroom and well as making it function better and be toxin-free. Some things to replace or add to the new bathroom include:
1. New flooring, and what about underfloor heating?
2. New semi or fully custom bathroom cabinets
3. New natural stone countertops and high-quality sinks
4. Bathtub and shower upgrades and a new energy-efficient toilet
5. Lighting fixtures that look good and improve the room’s lighting quality
6. Adequate ventilation and air purification
7. Aging in place features for older homeowners such as more space, bars, and more
8. Medicine cabinets and mirrors that do the job and add design elements to the bathroom
9. Added storage

In addition to the visible improvements, make sure the insulation is adequate and electrical and plumbing fixtures and systems meet the code and operate properly. Will there be enough hot water and will it come quickly? Are there plugins available for handheld beauty and self-care equipment?

Preventing Mold
One way to prevent mold from developing in a bathroom is to have the proper insulation in the walls. To replace damaged or inadequate insulation, look for insulation with a high R-value such as one that is foam or cellulose sprayed insulation. Don’t forget to insulate pipes to keep them warmer in the winter months. Once all the insulation is in place, install a good vapor barrier to keep it dry. Then, use low-toxic sealants around plumbing fixtures and install foam gaskets in the back of electrical outlet covers and switch plates.

Back this up with good ceiling fans vented to the exterior of the home. Walls around a shower or bathtub should be water-proof wallboard behind the ceramic tiles. Taking these extra steps will reap good results long into the future. Insulation and ventilation are not places to cut corners.

Be Careful, which Products You choose
That bath mat or shower curtain may look nice but contain dangerous chemicals that activate and off-gas with heat from the shower or bath. It is better to stick with cloth shower curtains and rubber bath mats. Read labels before purchasing items for the bathroom to avoid dangerous chemical content. Watch out for the more harmful types of plastic. Bathroom cleaning products should be safe and non-toxic organic brands.

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