7 Awesome Springtime Staycation Ideas

Springtime is here, and you’re hungry for a vacation, but you don’t want to go too far. Well, this is the reason many folks are turning to staycations. The following are seven ideas that’ll help make your springtime staycation remarkable.

  1. In-Town Tourism

Living in a city or town can make it easy to overlook what makes your community special. Don’t let that happen this time around. Go ahead and find out what activities tourists might do when they visit your town or city. Go to museums, parks, do everything, and you’ll rediscover why you fell in love with this place in the first place.

  1. No Electronics

Part of the reason people love vacations is that they get to disconnect from everything, including the things that can stress people out. This could be work or the news, which is why you need to turn off all electronics. You want to be present during the staycation and absorb your surroundings, but you need to get off your phone to do this.

  1. Staycation Foods and Drinks

A big part of vacation is the food and drinks you get to try. Now, just because you happen to be vacationing near your home or in your home doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy something a little cool, like spirited ice products sold by SLIQ or home-made jello shots. Try to find recipes for drinks and meals you’ve never had before, preferably from a location you were hoping to visit, like Italy or maybe the Caribbean.

  1. Decorate

One way to feel like you’re taking a vacation is to decorate. This will take a little planning and work, but you’ll feel the staycation a lot more this way. Decorating may seem like a task, but you might enjoy the activity since it requires you to be quite creative. Use pictures online to inspire you.

  1. Music Works

The same way decorating helps set the mood, so does music. Sure, you can play popular music you’re used to, but you need to choose authentic music from the region if you want to establish the mood. Music has a strong effect on people and can transport you anywhere in the world if you let it. For example, if your staycation has a Spanish feel, then why not play some Spanish guitar while sipping on your drinks?

  1. Rent a Car

One thing you commonly get to do on vacation is drive a car you don’t own. Since you aren’t going anywhere, consider renting a car, but go ahead and splurge a bit by renting a sports car or something you usually wouldn’t rent. You’ll find it pretty exciting to drive around your town or city in this car. Visit your friends or family members in a fully-loaded luxury car. You could even take a bit of a road trip just for fun.

  1. Get Souvenirs

Go ahead and look for an online shop based in the place you wanted to visit. Find a few souvenirs and purchase them. Sure, it’s going to take a while to get to you, so you may want to do this in advance, but having something from the place you wanted to go will give you that fulfilling vacation experience. You’ll get to support a local business without even going to this destination, which is pretty cool.

These are some great staycation ideas that could make the whole experience more memorable. Some of these will take some time, but you’ll have a better time the more time you invest in this staycation.

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