How Your Parent’s Infidelity Affects Your Trust Issues, Relationships, and Behavior Model

The way people will behave in adulthood directly depends on what happened in childhood. Therefore, to solve many life problems it is sometimes very useful to return to childhood. But is a parental divorce capable of affecting a child’s life, and leaving a mark on his adult life? Unfortunately, yes, it is!

If you are worried about how divorce can affect your child, then all of the problems below can occur in adulthood. How to handle this? You will need to take care of the professional help of a psychologist even if you file divorce papers online. You should consider the option of a remote divorce process, as it portends less stressful situations and it is less time-consuming. Just find out the divorce website that will help you with online divorce papers and court divorce forms.

Let’s talk more about how parent’s infidelity can hurt in adulthood in this article.

Destruction of the Family Concept

Even in early childhood, each person has a picture of what family life looks like. Girls even reproduce this picture while playing dolls. Where does this picture come from? First of all, from monitoring the parents. In rare cases, children can make up the image of an ideal “family” as exemplified by neighbors or movie characters. This can happen as well, but usually, children draw images from their inner circle. For this reason, many couples try to pretend that they are doing well in a relationship so as not to injure the psyche of the child. Although in fact, they just wait until their child grows up to finally get rid of the game in a happy family.

But let’s get back to divorce. A child who has found the divorce of his parents has the partial guarantee that in the future these shocks will not come out. Moreover, the created picture of how the family looks will be destroyed in an instant and will no longer be reproduced in the future again. Therefore, in order to return again to the traditional image of an ideal family, it will be necessary to work on correcting such a mental shock in the future, otherwise, there is a risk that you cannot be happy in marriage.

Inner Fear
Parental divorce can develop a strong internal fear of relationships. This fear will grow every year, but others will not see that a person is afraid of any relationship. Often such people look cool, are the soul of the company, and are always in sight of the opposite sex. But in fact, each rapprochement with the opposite sex causes a strong fear, which has developed due to the divorce of parents. Typically, such people prefer a free relationship and never have long-term romance. So if this is about you, you will need to pump your inner self to get rid of such fears. As psychologists say, this is possible at any age.

Distrust of the Opposite Sex
Most likely during a divorce, your parents lied to each other and quite often, for example, to preserve the property or have an affair on the side. Unfortunately, this may also affect your relationship in the future. Most likely you could have developed an autonomous feeling of distrust of the opposite sex, so to speak. And in addition to previous problems, this distrust will be extremely difficult to eradicate.

But if you do not start to deal with such problems, then it will be difficult for you to have a healthy relationship. Each year, this distrust will only increase, although you may not be aware of it. And this distrust can begin to manifest itself after a while as constant jealousy and the like.

Repetition of the Behavior Model
Sometimes many people notice that in a relationship they repeat the same actions. Moreover, when changing a partner, this behavior model does not change. For example, someone has a habit of making scandals because of a trifle and soon the relationship ends. And someone starts a relationship, enjoys it, and at an unexpected moment ends it without understanding why this happens.

Everything has been going on since childhood. Most likely you are repeating the behavior model of one of your parents. By the way, it usually happens that a child at an early age remembers the behavior of one of the parents and then reproduces it at a conscious age. And when the child survived the process of divorce of parents, then, unfortunately, the model of behavior that will be captured, is not the best. Therefore, such a child in adulthood can reproduce a model of the behavior of one of the parents without understanding that this is actually happening.

Avoiding Romantic Relationships
This is the most difficult form of “post-injury” since childhood. Unfortunately, coping with it on your own can be extremely difficult, but psychologists can help in this matter. If you do not remember the last time you flirted, went on a date and looked with interest at the representatives of the opposite sex, then these are real signs of anxiety. Such behavior can be justified by anything, but it is a real fear of relationships!

Let’s Conclude
A less stressful divorce process and timely psychological assistance can relieve all the problems that we considered earlier. If you survived the divorce of your parents, then turn to psychologists for help, despite the limitation. If you are on the verge of a divorce and want to make it safe for children, then you also need to take care of the children’s mental health in advance.

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