5 Tips for Improved Intimacy in Men’s Health

Current studies indicate that erectile dysfunction (ED) affects between 30 – 50 million men within the U.S. alone. Defined as an inability to achieve the necessary erection for satisfactory intercourse, ED is an increasingly common problem for men as they age. Fortunately, there are ways to combat erectile dysfunction, both naturally and with the help of science. Take a look at five tips for reversing ED so that you can have a normal and healthy sex life:

Eat Right
Ongoing research suggests that there just might be true aphrodisiacs, food or drinks that increase sexual desire and/or improve sexual function. But regardless of whether or not one food item has the actual capacity to grant instantaneous positive effect, science does confirm that what men don’t consume or imbibe can have a dramatic impact on sexual function. Alcohol, for instance, decreases blood flow to the penis and increases the release of angiotensin (a hormone known to affect ED). It can also depress sexual desire and increase estrogen, making it harder for men…to get harder. Furthermore, a bad diet in general, one filled with unnecessary calories, as well as fatty and sugary foods, can lead to obesity and cardiovascular disease. Being overweight reduces testosterone and lowers sex drive while heart disease prevents the body from delivering enough blood to the penis to elicit and hold an erection. Thus, it makes sense that eating right and not gaining weight can help men maintain adequate hormone levels and protect the vascular health needed for proper penile function.

Likewise, exercising keeps muscles conditioned and improves their mass, making it more likely that men keep excess weight off and allowing them to stave off cardiovascular blockage and decay. As mentioned, a healthy weight and heart make it easier for the body to regulate hormone levels and sufficient blood flow. The result: erections that are easier to obtain.

Manage Stress
Of course, there’s no dispute that sexual function begins in the brain. Stress, anxiety and other psychological issues can directly impede sexual desire, making it physically impossible for men to hold an erection. Finding ways to manage stress, through meditation, medication or relaxing activities, for instance, might very well reverse any negative sexual performance problems.

Sleep Well
Getting enough sleep is crucial, as well. Adequate sleep safeguards the body’s circadian rhythm, which allows the body to coordinate its mental and physical systems, including digestive, reproductive and endocrine functions. Because of this, a good rest protects against stress, depression and disease, any one of which could negatively impact sexual desire and erectile function.

Consider Therapy
Finally, if lifestyle changes are not providing enough relief, men suffering from erectile dysfunction can seek advice from a reputable medical clinic like ThriveMD to determine whether extracorporeal shockwave therapy (also called GAINSWave) might be a viable treatment option. During this procedure, a doctor applies high frequency acoustic waves to the male genitals to break apart micro-plaque in existing blood vessels and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels, thus enabling the patient easier and more sustainable erections.

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