5 Ways To Be A More Sustainable Parent

With the global anxiety about climate change hitting an all time high, it is of growing significance to become more eco-friendly individuals. This does not only mean to try and be more sustainable ourselves, but it also makes us more responsible to teach the coming generations about living in accordance with our planet’s needs. Nowhere is this more applicable than in parenting since we can directly influence the future by instilling habits in our children which will make them be the best possible versions of themselves. Parenting does not need to hurt our planet and you can make sure that by following this advice you’re set to be a more sustainable parent.

Opt for reusable products

There’s no need to fill the landfills with products that can be so easily replaced with more eco-friendly alternatives. One of the easiest ways to reduce your plastic waste today is to invest in reusable products for your youngest. Instead of buying single use diapers, try to get ones that are made of cloth which you can wash either by hand or in the washing machine. Another reusable product that is more sustainable than its ecologically detrimental counterpart are washable baby wipes. 

Shop for second hand clothes

Kids grow fast and they outgrow and ruin their clothes even faster. There’s no need to dress your kids in fast fashion pieces when you can get everything that they need in the local thrift stores. Not only will you be saving money but also the planet. When your kids outgrow their clothes, rather than throw the clothes out, gift them to someone less fortunate or give them to a local charity. If the clothes are ripped or too worn out, try to reuse them in a different way, for example as a kitchen rag or for some DIY patchwork.

Get your kids involved

Kids learn best when they get hands on and the best way to do so is to get them to do some age appropriate work that’ll positively influence our planet. Recycling can be very fun for the youngest and this way they can also learn about the materials. Also, they can be the ones who put the organic waste in the compost bins. They will also get a sense of accomplishment when they see it all rotten down. You may also garden together and use the compost you made as plant feed of your own. 

Make your own baby food

Baby food and purees come in jars and plastic packaging. Though it can be very convenient to have a couple of these lying around in case of emergency, it is truly not hard nor especially time consuming to cook for your baby. You can make the purees in bulk and freeze them if you don’t have time to make them fresh before every meal. Another great tactic is to feed your kid the same thing you’ll eat, or rather another way round. In this way you’ll be forced to eat healthier and it is much easier not to prepare a completely separate meal for your baby.

Opt for wooden toys

It’s not a secret that most of the toys for kids are made out of plastic. It is also not a secret that kids find these toys interesting for a laughably short amount of time after which you’re forced to either throw it out or to get them something new. Wooden toys are more eco-friendly when it comes to the production process, they are easily recycled and they are healthier for your child especially if they’re of age to put everything in their mouth. You can also make some wooden toys with your kids in your free time.

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