Shelf Life Unlike Any Other: 5 Tips for Proper Storage of THC 8 Products

If you have concerns about the best way to store your THC products, you’re not alone. You did not spend your hard-earned money for a product to be useless before you get a chance to use it good and proper. Think of storing your weed like dinner leftovers. You know you’re not going to want to eat something from the first week of the month during the third week of the month, so you try to finish it before the end of the first week. But if you portion out that meal from the first week of the month and freeze the portions, eating it a month later is totally doable. The same thing goes for your THC 8 products, with proper storage, your cannabis can stay fresh for up to a year. This means you can enjoy it as needed and not feel pressured into using it when you’re not really ready for it. Here’s how to store your stash.

1. Control the Temperature
Temperature is important. Room temperature is best, as elevated temps can quickly spawn mold and mildew. Heat will also dry out many of the chemical constituents, like cannabinoids and terpenes. Storing your products at too low of a temperature can convert the THC to CBN, which gives you a very different effect. The refrigerator isn’t an ideal location for your delta 8 THC.

2. Control the Light
Direct sunlight is a no because the sun is only necessary for growing plants, not storing them. Once a plant is cut off from its life source, it has little use for sunlight. A dark glass container, a drawer, or a cabinet are some suggestions for keeping your weed, creams, and tinctures safe.

3. Control the Humidity
Humidity is moisture. When dealing with an edible or dehydrated product, moisture is the enemy. Water is the beginning of life. So storing your products in a high humidity area gives things a chance to grow, like bacteria and mildew. Try storing your weed with a silica packet from a pair of new shoes.

4. Control the Oxygen
If possible, suck as much oxygen out of the storage vessel to prevent oxidation. A little air is necessary, but too much will degrade your product. Too much oxygen will change the chemical makeup of your THC products.

5. Use a Better Container
Plastic isn’t the best choice, but it’s better than a paper bag. An air-tight glass container is best. And a colored jar helps to mediate light exposure. Also, be mindful of where you put your container.

The bottom line is that, the better you control the environment you store your THC gifts in, the longer you can keep it fresh. Be mindful of the type of product it is as well. A tincture will have different needs than an edible. Even though many cannabis products are sturdy enough to last several weeks in less than ideal storage conditions, it’s better to properly store them and be sure of their quality.

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