10 Roofing Trends That are Emerging in 2021

Anyone who has purchased an older home or lived in a home for more than 20 years knows what it is like to need a roof replacement. It is a large investment and not a DIY project for most homeowners. The home is vulnerable while the old roof is being removed and the new one installed. And then, there is the nightmare scenario where the roofing company sends one crew to remove the old roof and a second one days later to install the new one. What if it rains? There is a temptation to use those fly-by-night cheap roofers that are here today and gone tomorrow. Don’t.

Invest in Quality Roof Materials and Professional Installation

It is important for every homeowner to invest in the best roofing they can afford and the best roofing installation professionals. The average roof lasts 20 years, with some of the better materials, such as metal, lasting years longer. Then, the homeowners who take the time and investment to properly maintain their roofs get years of additional service from the roof. But, cheap, badly installed roofing starts to deteriorate and develop problems much sooner. Since installation is a huge part of the roofing investment, it is important to purchase roofing that will last as long as possible, and have a good roofing crew install it for an even longer lifespan.

Some homeowners don’t like the look of metal roofing that comes in long strips with ridges, but metal roofing can now look like shingles, wood, or tile and last just as long. Erie Roofing can install a metal roof that meets even the most discerning homeowner’s preferences. Metal roofing costs more than some roofing materials but it more than makes up for the cost with a very long lifespan.

Some advantages homeowners get with metal roofing include:
· New technology advances with innovation and durability
· Impressive color and style choices
· Cost savings when durability and years of service are considered
· The use of quality materials

Metal roofing often comes with a lifetime warranty, which means savings for homeowners who plan to spend the rest of their lives in their homes. When it comes time to sell a home with a metal roof, the buyers will see the added value.

What Are the 10 Roofing Trends For 2021?

Because not everyone wants the same kind of roof and different styles of homes call for different roofing materials, there are at least 10 roofing choices that have gained popularity with homeowners. These 10 roofing materials include:

1. Asphalt shingles are still the most widely used roofing material because of their affordability and availability. Asphalt shingles presently cover one-half or more of American homes. They have the advantages of affordability and more colors and designs than in the past. They withstand weather conditions and last up to 20 years with proper maintenance. Asphalt shingles come in many grades or qualities, so the homeowner should make sure the shingles used are of the top quality available.

2. Metal Roofing has been around for long enough to prove its value and is steadily climbing in popularity. Metal roofing comes in many colors and styles now. This roofing is very durable, long-lasting, and low maintenance. Metal roofs are good insulators and reflect the UV rays of the sun. metal roofs cut heating and cooling bills. Metal roofing is recyclable, cutting waste and benefiting the environment.

3. Solar roofs are gaining popularity with people who want eco-friendly homes. Improved technology has made these roofs work better and is bringing down the cost of installing them. Solar roofing has the advantage of producing usable electricity as well as protecting the home’s structure and interior. Manufacturers are now producing solar roofing that is more attractive to homeowners.

4. Green roofs are also known as living roofs and are like lawns or flower gardens on top of a home’s roof. They are roofs covered in soil and vegetation. These eco-friendly roofs are gaining popularity for use on apartment buildings, hotels, office buildings, and other buildings. They help improve air quality, keep temperatures in the buildings stable, save energy, and add insulation to the buildings. Homeowners are also choosing these amazing roofs. They work better on roofs with a slight slant for proper drainage.

5. Lighter roofing colors are replacing darker colors. People like the more inviting lighter colors. Lighter colors can be combined to create more-attractive designs. Lighter colors also have the advantage of not absorbing so much heat from the sun.

6. Synthetic roofing made from materials such as polymers are lightweight and durable. They can mimic many more expensive and traditional materials. They come with many designs and color choices. They also have great impact resistance for areas prone to lots of hail.

7. Flat roofs increase design options for homes, including the installation of solar panels and green roofing. They provide easy maintenance and a modern look. They must, however, have proper drainage built in to be successful.

8. Cool roofing is roofing that is designed to reduce heat transfer from the roof into the building. This roofing reflects UV rays from the sun, keeping buildings cooler and reducing cooling costs. This is a technique that encompasses several roofing types, increasing their lifespans and energy efficiency.

9. Silicone roof coatings can be an alternative to replacing the whole roof. In the right situations, the silicone coatings put on in two coats can increase the life of an existing roof and change its look.

10. Mixed materials serve a purpose with homes that have mixed roof designs and profiles. One new house can incorporate up to four different roofing materials, colors, or pitches. Hybrid shingle and metal roofs are in increasing demand. This combination celebrates the look of metal while reducing the cost of the roof. This roofing option takes careful planning and execution to be successful.

Some Tips For Roofing Choice

Home or commercial building owners who are contemplating new roofing should plan their timeline carefully, determine a budget before looking at roofing materials, research the different kinds of roofing within that budget, and compare materials with the needs of the building’s location. Look at the warranties and estimated lifespans of each material. One material might be less expensive than others but be more expensive to install or not last as long as another material.

Now, schedule an appointment with several roofing companies to get professional advice and choose the best roofing company for your needs and budget.

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