8 Things Women Should Do As They Get Older

Aging is a fact of life. While many people lament about how bad it is, it can be some of the best years of your life. You typically have more money, kids are growing up and moving out of the house, and you have years of life experience behind you. Don’t fear getting old, but make a plan for your health and your wellbeing to make sure you can age gracefully and have fun while you’re doing it. Here’s what women should do as they grow older.

Eat Healthy Fats

Fats aren’t bad. In fact they are necessary for brain health especially as you get old. It’s important to eat a diet filled with a variety of nutrients. Healthy fats include those from pasture-raised eggs and meat, plants such as nuts and avocados, and fresh fish like Salmon. These fats help protect your brain and nervous system as you age.

Supplement With Vitamin D

Calcium usually gets the big stage for women, but did you know that Vitamin D is critical for bone health too? In fact, most bone deterioration is due to a lack of Vitamin D and not a calcium deficiency. Since most people will never get enough sunshine to make the right amount of Vitamin D, it’s critical to supplement with the right form. Vitamin D3 is the best option. Vitamin D can also help regulate hormones and ward off early menopause symptoms.

Get More Rest

Getting old makes you tired. Women who are feeling more tired as they age should focus on doing things to improve their quality of sleep. Turn off technology an hour or more before bed. Create as much darkness as possible in your bedroom. Keep your sleeping area free of clutter. It’s also important to find a way to decompress at the end of the day.

Start a Hobby

Maybe you’ve spent years working on your career. Your after work time should be spent doing things you enjoy. Whether you join a chess club, go golfing, or spend time at the beach surfing, it’s important to find a hobby you love. Hobbies help women feel more alive, more in tune with their needs, and help prevent neurological diseases.

Love Yourself

Sounds silly, but how often do you tell yourself that you are loved? As you age, this simple affirmation each day can improve mental health. Find ways to show yourself some love. Whether you need pampering at a spa, or just a day to relax and read a book, it’s important to give yourself some love. As women age, we tend to get more critical of ourselves, so take time to give yourself grace.

Walk Everyday

If an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then a walk everyday keeps the extra pounds away. Maybe. But even if it doesn’t, it helps strengthen bones and helps women hang onto much needed muscle mass. Unfortunately, women lose muscles faster as they age as compared to men. A daily walk outside gets you out in nature as well which can improve mental wellness and help you get fresh air.

Experience New Things

It’s easy to get stuck in routines as you age. You go the same way to get to work, shop at the same grocery stores, take the same trips. Women should step out of their comfort zone and experience new things as they age. Take a trip somewhere you’ve never been, try a new restaurant, and even go to a new event. Maybe you’ve never been to live theater or been to an art museum. New things bring excitement and vibrancy to your life and can even help you make new friends.

Practice The Art of Letting Things Go

Being older means you have a lot of opportunities to get hurt or offended by others. While there is trauma that requires professional counseling, there are other smaller things that can build up over time. Forgiveness and letting things go means you recognize that while the other person did something wrong, you’re not going to let it affect you anymore. Women who harbor bitterness and resentment are more prone to disease, cancer, and early death than those who forgive and move on.

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