Summers Are Back: How To Prepare Your Kids for Camp

Due to the coronavirus, most summer camps were closed to keep children, counselors, and their families safe. While some organizations offered virtual camps and online programs to keep kids entertained throughout the summer, it was an adjustment that most parents weren’t ready for. Those that worked outside of the home had to find sitters while remote workers had to make arrangements to keep kids occupied while balancing their careers. Fortunately, the same isn’t true for this year. 

People are getting the COVID-19 vaccine, government officials have loosened the reigns, and the country has started towards normalcy. That means summers are back, and kids can once again enjoy the physical, mental, educational, and social benefits of camp. Not to mention, parents get a much-needed break. As the end of the school year is just around the corner, here are some suggestions on how to get the kids prepared. 

Select The Appropriate Camp

The availability for summer camp this year will likely be slim as both parents and children gear up for the season. Be that as it may, you don’t want to stick your kids in any establishment. The whole idea is for them to enjoy themselves while keeping their health and safety in mind. Decide how much you can afford to spend, then look for a program within that range. 

As you browse your options, look at activities to find things that match your kid’s interests. You should also pay close attention to vaccination requirements and safety precautions to keep campers safe. If they’re old enough, allow your children to choose with you. It can reduce their fears and give them something to look forward to in a few weeks. 

Have A Conversation

There’s been a lot of change and uncertainty amid the pandemic that likely caused stress, anxiety, and even depression in your household. Your children may appear alright, but psychologically, they could be struggling with the idea of transitioning their lives yet again. So, the first thing you want to do is talk to your kids about the latest developments, reduced risks, and return to everyday life. 

Let them know that they’ll be going to summer camp this year and what that will look like. Whether they’ll have to wear masks, attend part-time, or get the vaccine, you want to ease their overwhelming emotions by letting them know what to expect. Also, listen to any questions and provide honest age-appropriate answers. 

Screenings, Cleanings, and Exams

During the height of the pandemic, medical professionals encouraged patients with non-essential needs to refrain from in-house appointments. They should simply use telehealth services to speak with someone remotely about any concerns. Although video conferencing platforms were beneficial, it doesn’t take the place of actual medical visits. After a year, it’s time to schedule necessary screenings, cleanings, and exams for your children. 

Have your kids screened and shots updated by their pediatrician to ensure they’re safe this summer. You should also find a dentist Yorkville or other cities across the US to take dental x-rays and complete cleanings to keep their oral health up to par. Lastly, a trip to the eye doctor is recommended for an annual exam. Seeing these medical experts can give you insight into your child’s physical and mental ability to participate in camp. 

Purchase Supplies

Similar to the back-to-school season, part of preparing your kids for summer camp means making sure they have the necessary supplies. While each program will vary, they often ask parents to purchase backpacks, swimwear, sunscreen, bug guard, a change of clothes, and name labels. So, hop online and look for deals on these summer must-haves and ensure your kids are ready to go. 

It’s been more than a year since your kids were able to see their friends and enjoy the great outdoors. Now that things are looking better, summer camps are opening everywhere. If you’re among the many parents that will be enrolling your kids in a program this season, you must get them prepared. Use the tips provided above to ensure they’re ready to have a safe yet fun time.

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