The 5 Golden Pillars of LinkedIn Marketing

Marketing is a talent that takes a little bit of trial and error. When marketing on LinkedIn, it takes more than experience to get ahead of the game. You have to understand your place in the industry, and learn how to make specific features stand out.

There are some notable ideas about profile optimization on businesstrex. Your profile is a mural that highlights the best things about your skills or business – or at least it is supposed to be. Treating your LinkedIn profile like a normal social media account will only lead to confusion. It is similar to decorating your business cards like an extension of your personality rather than an extension of your business. Optimize your profile to showcase skills, contact information and ideas. Add a profile picture to complete your branding, and you’ll already be ahead of the competition.

All of the content you publish needs to have value to the viewers. There is a major difference between selling your business and providing informational content. Both are considered promoting, but only one is a viable way to get an audience on LinkedIn. Any content you create should build engagement with its intended audience. If the content is good enough, it will also create connections that you never expected. When interacted with, good content has a chance to show up on the pages of other individuals and businesses.

InMail is a LinkedIn Premium feature that creates serious business opportunities. Personalized InMail is considered the best way to complete a connection with interested individuals. It is often underutilized by businesses since it isn’t a company specific LinkedIn feature. But there is no better tool on the website that allows for private individual to individual conversations. Using InMail to contact another member guarantees that it is seen. This is a more optimized way to conduct business and keep all correspondences in one place.

Running ads on the LinkedIn platform is similar to running a Facebook ad. If you’re familiar with targeted marketing, then LinkedIn ads will be a piece of cake. First run ads can be considered the ‘feeler’ for your marketing campaign. It’s during the retargeting phase that you truly learn the value of your current ad strategy. The retargeting phase takes valuable contact information into account so that your branding has meaning. With a good ad campaign and an optimized profile, you’ll always be in the best position possible as a business or an individual.

Use All Available Tools
LinkedIn provides several advanced tools to visually enhance your page. Although its roots are primarily text based, LinkedIn has exploded to become an incredibly media rich social media platform. Adding custom images and video provides a compelling way to gain the interest of viewers. If you want to make the biggest impact, don’t shy away from the media tools provided by LinkedIn.

Make A Worthwhile Brand
LinkedIn is the perfect platform to expand individual talent or an entire business. Put your all into the branding side of marketing and you’ll always stand out. Marketing is constant work, but worth the effort when you understand the industry.

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