Health Benefits: What Is Reflexology?

Stress levels in America have been rising over the last several decades. With news channels broadcasting an abundance of negativity and few positive notes added to the mix, people are growing increasingly concerned about the state of the world and their families’ futures. Of course, financial difficulties and no end to the drama social media tends to create are only making matters worse. People’s jobs are also becoming more demanding and further increasing the nation’s stress levels. Those are only a few of the factors involved in the current development.

Combating Surging Stress Levels
Because of all that, an ever-growing number of people are suffering from the mental, emotional, and physical issues stress can cause. In fact, 84 percent of Americans now report that they’re suffering from high levels of stress and at least some of its effects. Though dealing with stress is an ongoing process that involves several approaches, massage for employees can help mitigate at least some of its impacts. Reflexology is a popular option in this regard.

Exploring Reflexology and Its Benefits
Reflexology is an age-old practice that got its start in ancient China. It’s a type of massage that focuses on the hands, feet, and ears. Those body parts are believed to be connected to specific organs and systems in the body. Applying just the right types and amounts of pressure to them can provide therapeutic benefits and aid in alleviating the problems excess stress is known to cause.

Reducing Anxiety
Millions of people currently suffer from anxiety. Stress tends to exacerbate anxiety. At the same time, anxiety can lead to heightened stress. It’s a vicious cycle that isn’t easy to break. Many people find that even the most highly recommended prescription medications don’t truly help curb their anxiety symptoms. Anxiety disorders can bring about numerous health problems, such as dizziness, chronic fatigue, heart disease, inflammation, and reduced immunity to name a few. Reflexology may be helpful for managing anxiety and reducing its symptoms and their negative effects.

Treating Pain
Pain is a prevalent problem among Americans. Virtually everyone suffers from some type of severe or chronic pain. Back pain is one of the most common issues in this category, and it’s a leading cause of visits to the emergency room, missed days from work, and other problems. Of course, that’s only one small part of the picture. People also suffer from neck, hip, and shoulder pain as well as many other types of discomfort. Research and firsthand accounts indicate that reflexology can be effective for treating certain types of pain.

Improved Immunity
Our immune systems are designed to protect us against illnesses and infections. When foreign intruders, like viruses and bacteria, enter our bodies, our immune systems spring into action to fight them off and prevent them from taking over. Stress and the problems it can cause tend to weaken our natural defenses and leave us vulnerable to all the microorganisms waiting to invade our bodies. Some studies show that reflexology can help boost immunity. Since it works to reduce stress, which is a prime factor in reduced immunity, that certainly makes sense.

Making Reflexology Part of Your Wellness Routine
Many people scoff at the concept of reflexology. Those who have seen and felt its positive effects are firm believers in this long-established practice, though. It’s a safe, non-invasive way to deal with stress and many other issues. If you’re among the millions suffering from the impacts of stress, regular reflexology sessions could be an effective solution.

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