10 Outdoor Family Reunion Ideas for Those Who Want To Have a Blast

Family reunions are a fun and important way to reconnect with relatives and catch up with those you love. Even if you haven’t seen your cousins or grandparents in ages, family reunions have a way of bringing everyone together and making it feel as though you were never apart. It is important to make events like these memorable.

Creative Ideas for Family Reunions 
Spending quality time with family has a way of making life better. There are so many ways to make family reunions interesting and exciting, so before you buy an outdoor kitchen, think of all of the ways you can reconnect without the need to show off expensive material items.
One of the simplest and most enjoyable activities to participate in at family reunions is making a family album. There is nothing quite like being together and snapping a bunch of fun photos, so why not make it an activity for everyone? Family albums are a crafty way to bring everyone together, whether you intend to have a family photoshoot or have everyone bring pictures of their own. It can be exciting to see funny, sweet, and old photos of family members and compile them into a homemade family photo album.

Family talent shows can bring everyone together, too. Regardless of whether your talent is hopping on one foot or singing a perfect high note, this activity is sure to earn some laughs and heartwarming moments among the relatives. Some talents that could be used include singing, theatrical reading, reciting poems from memory, performing skits or plays, juggling, playing an instrument, or doing a dance. Moments like these are even better when they are recorded to watch later.

Recalling old family stories is the perfect campfire idea. Hilarious, memorable, and embarrassing stories make for some of the closest and most unforgettable moments at family get-togethers. It is a great way to learn things about your extended family and recall sweet moments with your relatives.

A family trivia game is another fun way to learn more about your extended family and recall fun facts that you might have forgotten. It is best to prepare this ahead of time by sending a list of questions to each member prior to the reunion. This will help you to create the trivia questions for the game. Questions can include a wide array of topics including love and marriage, work-life, sports, fun facts, art and history, middle names, hobbies, minor and funny offenses, and education.

Lastly, let’s not forget a classic family reunion favorite: charades. This game can be played the traditional way or from a customized list of ideas. After gathering your group, make the experience unique by giving each family member slips of paper and instructing them to write the following: one movie, one famous person, one phrase, one book, and one activity.

Hilarious Ideas for Family Reunions
A fun way to get the family up and moving includes a scavenger hunt. These can be impromptu or created ahead of time, and they can be created with intention of searching for specific items or for solving clues that lead to the treasure. Activities like these are customizable and can be as advanced or as simple as you would like. You can even create one just for the kids by creating clues and setting parameters to avoid confusion and chaos. Some ideas for getting started include kindling for a fire, a signature from the oldest member of the family, something recyclable, or a particular leaf or flower.

Another fun activity to plan for your next family reunion is the banana game. This is a surefire way to earn some belly-aching laughs and unforgettable memories with those you love. Begin by lining up the family members that want to play and tying a string around a banana. Then, hang the banana from each player’s waist so the banana hovers above the ground. Next, place a wiffle ball on the ground in front of each player. The objective of this game is for each player to use their hips to swing the banana and hit the ball. The first player whose ball crosses the finish line, placed roughly 30 feet away, wins the game. Prepare to laugh until you cry with this one.

Group ball games are another fun and active way to spend time with family. Games such as volleyball, soccer, football, baseball, and softball are perfect for this. Prepare to create some competitive memories with your family members darting across the playing “field” or from base to base.

For hot days, water balloon tosses are the perfect family reunion activity. After choosing a partner, everyone should stand facing one another. The objective of this game is to stand two feet away from one another and toss the balloon back and forth. After each toss, the players take one step backward. The winner is the team who throws the balloon the farthest without popping it. This hilarious game is a perfect way to cool off and earn some laughs, and it is even more fun when there are small prizes on the line.

Egg races are a simple and classic game that can bring the whole family together. This option is perfect for large groups and gatherings. After everyone chooses a partner, they should stand roughly 30 feet apart, facing one another. With a spoon in each player’s mouth, the goal is to run to their teammate with an egg on their spoon and successfully transfer it to their teammate’s spoon without allowing it to break. The catch, though, is that the other teammate has to run back to the other side without the egg breaking in order to win. The entire game is a race, making it an active, funny, and competitive game for families.

There are endless options to choose from when it comes to selecting the perfect memorable activity for your family reunion. Games, activities, and competitions have the ability to bring everyone together and cause some serious laughs.

Why Family Reunions Are Important
Don’t skip out on your family reunion because it can help you in more ways than you might realize. Family is there to offer us love and support, and they shaped us into who we are today. Prioritizing time with family is an important aspect of life because it can create memorable experiences, help you learn about where you came from, and return home for that sense of comfort from your childhood that you often long for.

Leaving behind the stresses of our everyday lives for a chance to gather with loved ones has a way of reminding us of what is important in life: being there for those you love and making the most of every moment.

Time to Plan the Perfect Family Reunion
There is nothing better than getting together with those that you love and laughing, crying, and making lifelong memories. Create the most unforgettable and anticipating family reunion, and have fun with it. There is more to a family reunion than gathering together and enjoying a meal; create memories and get lost in the moment.

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