5 Tips for Downsizing Before Moving

Moving is already a hassle, but if the goal is to save on moving costs or the new home is smaller than the current one, downsizing is a necessity. While it may seem difficult to go through all of the items in the house and start to downsize before the move, it is possible to do. Start well ahead of the moving date to have plenty of time to go through everything, then follow the tips below to make sure it’s done right.

Rent a Dumpster
Once the moving date is scheduled, go ahead and look into a Discount Dumpster Rental. Schedule the dumpster to be delivered a little more than a week before the moving date and picked up at least a day or two before the moving trucks will arrive. This provides plenty of time to fill the dumpster and have it emptied if needed, plus makes sure the dumpster will be removed before everything needs to be loaded into the moving trucks.

Create an Itemized List of Belongings
Take some time to go through each room in the home and make an itemized list of all belongings. This isn’t as big of a task as it might seem, especially if it’s combined with sorting through and organizing all of the belongings. This makes it easier to see what is already in the home to avoid buying duplicates and can be helpful in the future, as well. After the move, it can be used to make sure nothing is missing or damaged. If there is ever a disaster that destroys items in the home, it’s easy to see what was ruined and create a list for the insurance company.

Sort Through Belongings by Room
Pick a room to get started and go through all of the belongings in the room before moving on to the next one. Take the time to sort through everything, keeping only what’s needed and what will be packed to move to the new home. This is a great time to get everything organized, to create an itemized list of all belongings, and to get rid of any duplicates of items. Sorting through everything will take some time, so plan for at least a day per room, depending on the size of the room and what’s in it.

Set Aside Things to Donate
While sorting, create a pile of things that can be donated. These include items that are new or almost new, that could be useful for someone else, and that are in good working condition. Once this part is done, anything that will be donated can be taken to a thrift store and dropped off, given away during a garage sale, or given away using social media sites dedicated to recycling and reusing.

Toss Items No Longer Needed
There will be items that are no longer needed. This is where the dumpster is helpful. Anything that’s not going to be taken to the new home or donated for someone else to use should be tossed in the dumpster. Be sure to follow any restrictions when filling the dumpster to avoid adding in hazardous items.

Are you getting ready to move? If you need to downsize, no matter what the reason is, take the time to use the tips here to get it done right. By going through everything carefully, you can be sure you’re only moving what’s necessary in the new home.


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