6 Best Places to Visit in Japan This Winter

If you love traveling and are a sucker for ancient history and civilization, then Japan should be on the top of your travel list. Japan is an extraordinary tourist hub since it offers amazing experiences that are hard to find in other parts of the globe.

Japanese culture is an enthralling blend of Western modernization and Eastern traditions, which you are more likely to see everywhere on the beautiful ancient streets of japan. If this is your first time traveling to Japan, you will be mesmerized by the divine scenery and incredible views Japan has to offer.

In Japan, you can enjoy all seasons, autumn, winter, spring, and summer; however, the entire Japanese landscape transforms into something utterly beautiful when it comes to winter. That said, if you are all set to visit Japan this winter, here are our six destinations that shouldn’t be missed out on your trip.

As mentioned before, Japan is a beautiful blend of Eastern and Western traditions, and Shirakawago is one beautiful example of this. Shirakawago is the hub for foreign tourists who cannot get enough of this mesmerizing small village which is deeply situated in the Japanese mountain area. You will find traditional Japanese houses that have still preserved their ancient grace and are in excellent condition.

This ancient village’s very relaxed and peaceful atmosphere will transform you into another world, mainly to the golden days of ancient Japan where nature and the local community blend in perfectly. If you visit Shirakawago in the summer season, the green fields will be a pleasing sight to see; whereas, the white landscape in the winter is nothing less than a luxury.

Okhotsk Sea
If you want to experience drift ice in an extraordinary way, you ought to visit the Okhotsk Sea, which will surely cross your imagination, especially if you have never seen this pretty sight before. This is also the perfect spot where you will feel in direct connection with Mother Nature. This beautiful spot has one of the most impressive natural sceneries that the world can offer.

If you decide to visit the Okhotsk Sea this winter, you are in for a treat as 80% of the entire sea is more likely to be enveloped by drift ice. Don’t forget to take your camera with you as you are more likely to encounter cute wildlife chilling on the ice.

Japan is also quite an attraction for ski lovers. Among the best ski resort in Japan, you will have Nagano, which gained much popularity after the Olympic Winter Games in 1998. Also known as the Japanese Alps, Nagano offers a great recreational spot for all ski lovers who are into the winter games and participate in all levels.

Amongst the most extensive skiing areas of Nagano, you will have Shiga Kogen, which is also Japan’s largest ski resort and an accumulation of several smaller-sized ski resorts. You can expect the largest Japanese ski resort to open from 4th December.

Mie (Nabana No Sato)
Another attractive tourism hub in Japan is the flower-theme park Nabana No Sato. This pretty theme park includes seasonal flowers. Even though the winter season hasn’t much to offer regarding plants and flowers, it remains an attractive tourism spot all year.

The enormous greenhouse in the flower theme park offers a variety of flowers that bloom in all seasons. The greenhouse provides the perfect environment, making the blooming of beautiful flowers possible and keeping tourists engaged.

One of the best highlights of the flower-theme park Nabana No Sato is the worldwide popular illumination event held every night in the cold season. The entire flower garden is illuminated with shiny and vibrant illuminations. And each illumination theme is different each year. For amazing pictures, you can walk through the “Tunnel of Lights” and take amazing clicks of the spectacular light display.

The Temple of Kinkakuji 
This Buddhist temple is located in the ancient capital of Japan – Kyoto. Also referred to as the “Golden Pavilion,” the exterior of Kinakuji is covered with sparkling golden leaves, making it amongst the best tourist attractions of all time. If you explore other areas of Kyoto, you will find many other mesmerizing temples, too; however, the temple of Kinkakuji is amongst the most outstanding temples of all time.

If we trace Japanese history, we see that the temple was constructed in 1397. Initially, this Buddha temple was used as personal property for Ashikaga Yoshimasa. Today, you will find the temple of Kinkakuji listed as a prestigious historical site on the website of UNESCO.

During the cold weather, you will find this beautiful temple dressed in white, and trust us when we tell you that the contrast of Golden and White is utterly mesmerizing.

Shiga Prefecture
If you have never been on this beautiful road before, you will be utterly mesmerized by the five hundred metasequoia trees located on both sides of the road. Tourists can never get enough of this beautiful road which is spread on a 2.4 km road. This road is equally mesmerizing to drive through all seasons: it will keep up its impression of a beautiful scenic spot where the tall trees stand tall and powerful against the backdrop of a beautiful yet silent sky. In the winters, you will be utterly mesmerized by the beautiful white world engulfed by snow – a perfect winter trip to collect beautiful memories.

Final Thoughts
The winter season in Japan continues for a few months; therefore, make sure to make the most of your winter trip by planning everything properly. If you want to enjoy a little bit of autumn and a little bit of the snowy winter season, we recommend going to Japan’s best spots in the early days of December.

If you want to avoid crowds, avoid visiting Japan’s hot spots during the New Year holidays. Besides, if you want to get a better glance at the prettiest tourist attractions in Japan, you ought to visit Japan between January and February.

Mountain Fuji in winter sunrise

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