Looking for a Timeshare? Consider These 3 Alternatives Instead

Many people are smitten with the idea of owning a timeshare, not knowing how much of a hassle it is. The responsibilities associated with a timeshare are more than a lot of people bargain for and ends up being a money sink by the time they realize it’s too late. Instead of considering a timeshare, here are three great alternatives that aren’t going to leave you with a massive monthly bill and property you can actually use.

Consider A Vacation Home

Buying a timeshare is not the same thing as buying real estate that you own. You can learn more about it here: https://acagroup.org/timeshare-mortgage-cancellation. You only own a fraction of the property that you’re paying a lot of money for, but you can’t use it throughout the year whenever you want. At the price that you pay for a timeshare, you could be using that money to buy your own vacation home. You can do whatever you want with the property, decorate it the way you want, and you can come and go as you please. You can even rent it out to make extra money or let friends stay there and house-sit on your behalf.

Check Into An Airbnb

Airbnb has lodgings all over the world, so it’s not hard for you to find something near where you want to vacation. All of the lodgings that you find on the Airbnb website are posted by the people who own these properties, so it’s a much smaller mode of operation. Because of the wide variety of homes that are available, there’s something for everyone. Using Airbnb also supports the livelihood of individual property owners instead of one big conglomerate. These property owners also want their guests to have a great experience and are more likely to go out of their way to make you feel comfortable.

Stay In A Timeshare Rental

Timeshares are more than just rooms with owners. There are also timeshare rentals that are available to those on vacation. Renting a timeshare provides you with access to large units that are usually fully furnished and have multiple bedrooms. The great thing about renting is that you’re not burdened with the responsibilities that come with timeshare ownership, such as paying fees. If you do decide to rent, just be prepared that you’re going to be approached by salespeople to buy. Do not give in to their pressure and remain adamant about only renting.

Slowly but surely, more and more people are discovering how much of a scam timeshares are. It’s not really a worthwhile purchase since you can never choose where you can stay or even when. It’s more of a gamble to get exactly what you’re looking for, and it’s even more of a gamble if it’s available when you want to go there. Instead of considering a timeshare, go or any other alternative that will still provide you with a beautiful piece of property you can use without the responsibilities and fees that come with timeshare ownership.


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