5 Things Redheads are tired of hearing

I never expected to write a post about what I, a redhead mom of four is tired of hearing, but I am. I thought after almost 40 years people would have stopped saying the dumb things that get under my skin but I was wrong. So if you have a friend or family member who hasContinue Reading …

#GingerPride Redheads online @AlwaysARedhead

They say redheads are a minority and we are going extinct, I am not sure though. You may have noticed I have been highlighting some of my fellow Gingers online. We have many stereotypes that come along with being a redhead and it is fun to see who fits what. Some are true, some not. Some areContinue Reading …

An Event for Redheads

For all my redhead friends out there, I wanted to share with you a fun event just for us. I am away the week after so I will not be attending. I would love to hear all about it from those who though.  Check it out Rock it like a Redhead (www.rockitlikearedhead.com) will premiere inContinue Reading …

Gifts for Gingers & their Loved ones

With the holidays coming up I thought it would be great to share some gifts for not only Redheads but family and friends of us Gingers too. Show your support!After all we are slowly going instinct   Which side are you on mug For the friends and family….   And for those parents of Gingers NoContinue Reading …

Redheads who ROCK! Reba McEntire Because of You

Not usually a Country fan but I love her.  Reba McEntire has a fabulous voice, feisty personality and in my opinion, is a great actress. What do you think?

Redheads who ROCK- Guns N’ Roses

Growing up in the 80’s one of my fvourite hairbands was Guns N’ Roses. Even now I love their songs. This one is a fave

Lucille Ball Happy Birthday! From one Ginger to another.

In remembrance of a famous Ginger (August 6, 1911 – April 26, 1989) Happy Birthday Lucille!

Are Redheads Mutants ?

With numbers like this Redheads will never rules the world. But we can keep on trying 🙂 I was the first  redhead in my family for 4 generations. I thought this infographic was great and had to share with my fellow Gingers.