Back to School Shopping

I really find back to school is a fun time for my kids. They get to meet up with friends they have not  seen over the summer and catch up on all they missed. As well there is the Back to school shopping. My kids LOVE the back to school shopping. I must admit it is kind of fun for me as well. This year my  kids are at all different stages and places. I have one starting college, one high school, one finishing off elementary school and one starting JK. So our shopping needs are quite extensive as you can imagine. I may even finally get my teen son to wear a tie on picture day this year.

My oldest daughter starts college so her needs for back to school are very different this year. She needed to get a lap top and some other techie stuff for school. But there is no mistaking, she still loves to check out the what is new in the women clothing section when we go to the store. Who wouldn’t? I know I love to myself. I often tel her she was born in the wrong decade. She is always drawn to fashions that I remember from the 80’s. Bright colours and wild prints. It is really fun seeing them coming coming back in style.

The things my kids all need this season are shoes, backpacks and coats. Fall is usually warm during the but the nights are cooler. We found some really stylish fashions that my children are quite pleased with. Hopefully we will get a chance to pop out and get the last few items on our list.  Our youngest two need the most as far as actual supplies. But I often find it is best to wait until the first day of school and see what the teachers want them to bring before buying too much.

Have you done your back to school shopping? What was the must have item on your child’s list?


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