Modular Toys 3D Road Builder Kit

New from Modular(tm) Construction Toys comes a unique track and car construction system that is winning the race to capture children’s imaginations. Unlike any other race-track building sets, Modular Construction Toys allow the building parts to be stacked vertically without limit. What’s exceptional about this new brand of construction toys is that they enable kids to build ever more complex structures, strengthening their abstract thinking, spatial reasoning and general understanding of engineering, says CEO Vitali Minin.

The Modular Construction toys  are available  at Toys R Us Canada stores and online at Having boys I knew this was going to be a huge hit in our house. The set is geared for kids 5 and older. So my twelve year old son put it together and he played and raced with our preschooler who is a girl. So it is easy to assemble and fun for both bos and girls. 
Details on the set we reviewed

3D Highway Kit • $69.99
It’s family vacation time and you want to take a road 
trip. Well, snap together a journey of speed and 
imagination. Then it’s go time! This set includes:
• 72 construction pieces
• 3 cars
• track extractor
• decorative stickers and accessories

The colourful plastic parts are strong and lock together with ease. This track is fun for the kids both indoors and out. The best thing is when they get bored with one track design they can take it apart and rebuild. There are over 1.000,000 track combinations 🙂

Modular Toys has another set that looks fantastic. The Modular Road Builder Construction Kit. Check it out below

3D Road Builder Kit • $24.99
Need to find the fastest way to your best bud’s house? Then don’t
go “around” your neighbor’s house… go OVER it! Sweet! This set

  • 24 construction pieces
  •  1 car
  •  track extractor
  •  decorative stickers and accessories

The Modular Road Builder Construction Kit takes a unique approach, allowing true three-dimensional highways, levels, garages and tunnels to be constructed. The toy develops abstract thinking, three-dimensional perception, creativity and offers multiple construction options. Compatible with other 

Modular Toy Construction kits”.  
Age 5 and up.


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