UBTECH Robotics’s Jimu Robot for the Holidays

I love when my children can have fun and use their imagination. I try to give them toys that will help them grow their minds and keep them busy. The UBTECH Robotics’s Jimu Robot is one that will do just that. A fun kit that includes everything they need to make a moving robot they can build, add on to and control.


This Apple Store exclusive robot kit gives the user all of the robotic servo motors and parts to create a humanoid robot character like none other. MeeBot may be made of plastic, but he’s full of personality! 6 robotic servo motors give him smooth, life-like movements as he walks, waves and dances his way into your heart. Use the easy-to-follow 3D animated instructions on the Jimu Robot free app and then program him to make an endless sequence of movements. When MeeBot is built and programmed capture his performance and share it with the Jimu Robot Community.



Explorer Kit

This introductory robot kit provides the user with 7 robotic servo motors and all of the parts necessary to build 5 engaging predesigned characters using the 3D animated instructions on the free Jimu Robot app. Or create any other robot imaginable using the 372 parts and components included in the Explorer Kit. After building the robot users can program it using Jimu Robot’s easy-to-use, intuitive and app-based PRP (Pose, Record, Playback) programming. Then capture their robot’s performance on video or take a photo and and share it with the Jimu Robot Community.

If your children are like mine, just getting started with the whole robot building thing, they will love this. These cute, interactive robots are great for the entire family. I do suggest adults help assemble even though they say 8+.

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From Smarty to Whiz Kid to Brainiac, There’s a Kit for You! Jimu Robot Kits offer a wide variety of challenging builds. Perfect for anyone just starting out, all the way up to aspiring Jimu Masters.

There is still time to get yours for Christmas. Find them in-store at Toys R Us, Apple Store and Best Buy

Check out jimurobots.com for more information on the right kit for your family.

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