Planning The Perfect Summer Road Trip With Your Kids

Planning the perfect summer road trip with your kids can give you something to look forward to and a great opportunity to bond. Your kids aren’t going to be young forever, so it’s super important that you take the time to plan fun things with them that the whole family will remember forever. If you’ve never been on a road trip, now could be the time to plan one. Here are some pointers that will help you to plan the perfect summer road trip with your kids:

Sit Down And Plan The Trip Together

Make sure you keep the kids involved from the very start by sitting down and planning the trip together. When the kids are involved in planning the trip right from the start, they’ll feel far more excited about it. You can pick a place together, show them where you’re going to go and research things to do together once you arrive. Planning the trip together will be half the fun as it’ll build a lot of excitement for this trip!

Planning The Perfect Summer Road Trip With Your Kids


Check Over The Car

Make sure you check over the car in advance so that you’re not left needing an expensive repair on the day or close to the day. You don’t want to have to postpone your trip or cancel it altogether! Make sure your tyres are suitable, that you have all of the water and oil you need, that you’ve filled up the tank, and taken any other precautions you feel will help you to have a better time together. At the very least, you want to have peace of mind that your car is as ready for the trip as you are.

Make Sure You Have Everything You Need To Stay Safe

Make sure that you’ve got all of the supplies you could possibly need to stay safe. Depending on where you’re going on your road trip, you may need to carry a traffic cone and vests for each member of the family. It may be wise to do this anyway just in case something does happen. Choosing the right car seat using a resource like will ensure your kids are as safe as can be while you travel to your destination. Then it’s probably a good idea to take things like a first aid kit, sunscreen, and a flashlight. Have a kit in the trunk of your car so that you’re prepared for any situation that could come your way.

Think Carefully About Drinks And Snacks

Make sure you take drinks and snacks in the car, as you never know where or when you’ll be able to stop. You should have plenty of water and healthy snacks for the kids, especially. If it’s hot, always take more water than you need.

Plan Your Stops

See if you can plan your stops along the way, but remember that your kids may need to stop before then, too. You’ll all need to use the toilet and stretch your legs, but your kids won’t always be able to wait. Research places along the way that you can stop.

Come Up With Games And Entertainment

Although you’ll be able to play games like eye spy and have family singalongs in between pointing out cool sites along your route, you should probably come up with some games and entertainment, just in case. Pack simple games and entertainment for your kids for when there isn’t a lot else to see or do. Consider what you can pack that will be noise free, such as coloring or watching something on YouTube with their headphones, as you don’t want to have to deal with too many distractions as you drive.

Stay Flexible

It’s so important to stay flexible on your road trip if you want to have the best time. You may need to make more frequent stops, or you might just find something along the way that you really want to stop and see. Don’t be too rigid and insist on sticking to your itinerary, as you’ll suck all of the fun right out of your trip. Don’t get too anxious about arriving at the exact time you wanted to arrive. Breathe and let go!

Are you ready to plan the perfect summer road trip with your kids? Use the tips here and you’ll all be super excited for your upcoming trip. Remember, planning is important, but sticking rigidly to the plan isn’t.

Where are you going to go on your road trip? Leave your own thoughts, tips, and ideas below. Thanks for reading!


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