Responsibility & Parenting How #familybysygic is Keeping Your Kids Safe

I have been a mom for 18 years. 

Yep, 18 years. Seems odd for me to say that considering it feels like yesterday. I have four kids and each is very different. What we allowed our oldest to do, we do not allow the youngest to do. Things my oldest could do and would do are very different from what my boys want to do. Make any sense? Each child is different and each child has their own comfort zones. So we adjust our rules and their freedoms according to what they can handle. 

Our oldest was very independent. She would be happy hanging out with friends, going to the mall and having a big social life. Because she was happy doing this she was very mature, responsible and we allowed her more freedom. But our next oldest, a boy is the opposite. He is a home body. He loves sports but could care less about sleepovers and parties. He is comfortable at home ,hanging with his family. His venturing out is going to a sport event with his classmates without us. Our other two are still too young to be on their own.

Funny how kids in the same home can be so different. 

Technology has been around for a long time. But the accessibility of it and the comfort levels of it has increased in the recent years. So the things we worried about years ago and the things we protected our kids from before are different now. 

How do you keep your kids safe?

We are a very tech savvy family. I have had parents comment about my kids having phones. Yes my tweens and teens have phones. 

Do I monitor them?

Yes and no. 

I do not friend my kids n Facebook. That would be like listening in on a phone conversation. I do not want to “like” their status updates. I do not want to be the creepy mom who is watching them interact with their friends. 

BUT we do have rules. 

The kids do not have data enabled on their phones. So they use WiFi and the settings set up through home, schools and libraries. We also have their passwords if needed. The kids access the internet at home in the kitchen and family room. we also have communication open at all times. We openly talk about what is right and what is wrong. 

ptpa winner

Since my older two venture off on their own I am happy to have the Family by Sygic app on their phones and mine. This PTPA winner was super handy during our recent trip to the Falls. They could walk off and I knew where they were and that they were safe. 

Family By Sygic Details 

  1. You no longer have to worry about where your kids (tweens and young teens) are, whether they are safe at home or playing out. Family by Sygic lets you share location with your kids and family using the one thing we always carry around – the Smartphone. It keeps you all in touch, lets you see where everybody is in real-time and gives you peace of mind.
  2. Family by Sygic helps parents in their busy day – they can set up familiar places as Safe zones and dangerous places as Un-safe zones and the app will automatically notify them when children enter or leave these areas.
  3. Family by Sygic is a great help if you wish to teach your kids responsibility and self-reliance but want to have peace of mind at the same time. You don’t have to keep calling your kids all the time to check on them.  Kids can “check-in” to tell you where they are and in need send an “alert” with their exact location.
  4. Family by Sygic cares about your family privacy because only the people in your family can see each other’s position and share free messages with each other. Parents can also choose a completely private mode so that they are not visible on the map.
  5. The application is available as a free download on App Store and Google Play so parents can try it out. The app will always remain free for one parent + one child.

Family by Sygic from Sygic on Vimeo.

If you have kids like I do and they are starting to go out and do things on their own (as kids do) you will want to check this out. Your kids will love the freedom and you will love the security.

If you have not yet downloaded the Family by Sygic app yet you can now 



So tell me, How do you keep your kids safe?


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Disclosure- I am a PTPA Blogaholic and ambassador for Family by Sygic. Compensation is received for this post but all opinions are honest and of my own


  1. Deals From Ms Do says

    Get HD Traffic from TomTom for your Sygic app! Cool!
    My recent post Mother’s Day for the Single Moms

  2. Maple Leaf Mommy says

    I love the idea of having your kids check-in via the app.
    My recent post Time Warp {not quite Wordless Wednesday w/link}

  3. I learned about the privacy settings – that only YOU can see your families location!

  4. Dayna Wilson says

    I learned that it works on both iPhone and Android, ,which is nice because I'd previously assumed it was iPhone only (so many good apps are)

  5. You can create safe and unsafe zones, so you know where your kids are.

  6. It has real time traffic!

  7. shelly peterson says

    I like that they can Check-in to let you know they got there ok. And should they ever get lost, sending an SOS with their exact location takes just a touch of a single button.

  8. I read that you can get free map updates!

  9. Andrew P says

    I learnt about the SOS option that will send out their exact location.

  10. sarah stickney says

    real time traffic

  11. Maria Iemma says

    I learned that it can be use on my Android phone and that you can have privacy settings.

  12. Learned that you can find out if kids play where they are not supposed to

  13. Sabrina T says

    That SOS function would be amazing… I'd install it on hubby's phone first, he's perpetually getting lost and calling me for directions. This app would make that SO much easier

  14. I really like the part
    **Maybe you call your pre-teen 10 times a day just to check if he got to where he’s supposed to be.***

    Sometimes they don't answer & it gives you a piece of mind.

  15. KittyPride says

    The app lets you receive alerts if kids go where it’s not safe

  16. candess phillips says

    You can get real time reports of where your kids are. And you can pick safe and unsafe zones and get updates when they travel through them

  17. Janet W. says

    I learned it has HD real-time traffic! And it has reliable offline navigation with no internet needed!

  18. I learned that when using a location sharing app is to know that nobody except the people I trust can see where me and my family are. Family by Sygic sticks to strict rules to ensure just that and gives me full control over my family channel.

  19. michelle says

    I think that you can send an sos with your exact location is pretty cool.

  20. nomnombearinyvr says

    Wow! I didn't know you can get navigation offline for the android.

  21. Nena Sinclair says

    I think this is a wonderful product! I'm all for products that help keep your kids safe! It's great, too, that it works with both iPhones and Androids!

  22. Jeannette says

    Wow, as a serious "worry-wart" parent, I love this, in particular knowing that I could keep tabs on my children with the safe and unsafe zones. I also love that he could check-in with me when they arrive somewhere. I swear this must have been invented by some-one like me…my husband keeps reminding me that I can not wrap my children in cotton and protect them every minute but with Family by Sygic, perhaps I could! 😉


    I read that Sygic is the first navigation with API for Windows CE and Android. that's cool

  24. Julie G. says

    I learned that you can get map updates for free.

  25. mrsmonnandez says

    I like that kids can check in discreetly, giving parents ease of mind easily. I hope it works better and faster than the Latitude concept on Google.

  26. Carole Dube says

    It as reliable offline navigation and you don't need the internet needed

  27. tcarolinep says

    With Family by Sygic, family can share location safely.

  28. Patricia Cooper says

    I learned that Sygic lets you keep your kids safe and your entire family be in touch!

  29. I learned that in the all new Version 13 you can now Drag & Drop Routes

  30. you can get HD traffic from your tom tom gps to the app
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  31. I learnt that it helps keep your kids safe by sharing location safely.

  32. Cheryl Grandy says

    I learned that with Sygic I could see where family members are right now and I could receive alerts if kids go to areas designated as "not safe."

  33. steve weber says

    I learned about the privacy settings.

  34. amy pugmire says

    I read that you can
    Avoid delays in your everyday commute with the most up-to-date real-time traffic on the market.

  35. I learned that you get an alert if your kid goes out of the designated area

  36. Beth Gallinger says

    I love that this app can be used for sending SOSes.

  37. kelly Nicholson says

    Introducing new features in version 13

    Get the most of your Sygic GPS Navigation and enjoy free exclusive points of interest.

  38. Debbie Bashford says

    The app lets you receive alerts if your kids go where it’s not safe

  39. It works on both iPhones and Androids.

  40. i like that this eliminates waiting for the call to mom to make sure kiddo has arrived to their destination safely – and the safe/unsafe zones feature!

  41. Kristi Renout says

    You'll receive alerts when your child goes somewhere not safe.

  42. Lisa Brown says

    I learned and read they have free map updates

  43. christina says

    my kids aren't at the phone stage, but it's good to know what's out there!

  44. i love that you could See real-time location of your kids!

  45. Thomas Murphy says

    I read about the new features in
    Sygic GPS Navigation v.13

  46. Amanda Sakovitz says

    i learned its available on google play

  47. I read about the Drag & Drop Routes feature.

  48. Austin Baroudi says

    I read that Sygic is the first navigation with API for Windows CE and Android.

  49. I learned about real time traffic

  50. I learned that we can keep our kids and family safe with " Family by Sygic " As the Tooth Fairy orientation and a fantastic GPS is wonderful! ☺

  51. mummytotwoboys says

    I read Family by Sygic uses Wi-Fi, mobile internet and GPS to locate you. The app does not need to know your mobile phone number to function, nor does it send notifications using SMS messages. Instead your email address is used to send free Apple/Google Push Notifications.

  52. ginette4 says

    I learnt that You cannot be located without your permission

  53. Olivia L says

    I like that if you need to, you can send/receive SOS with exact location.

  54. mommakoala says

    Customized solution

    A robust set of API calls helps you to create customized solutions based on the individual desires of your customer. Use the same set of API functions for any hardware or operating system.

  55. ken ohl says

    you can create safe and unsafe zones thankyou, ken

  56. Map updates are free!

  57. Tammy Dalley says

    I read they Reliable offline navigation – no internet needed!!! Thats great

  58. stephy905 says

    I read that it has a quick click SOS/help button. That is very cool.

  59. Donna L. says

    no internet is needed

  60. Marjorie L. says

    alerts when the kids go where it is not safe

  61. nick a. says

    real time traffic

  62. Caryn Coates says

    I love that you can create safe and un-safe zones. Definitely a great feature to have

  63. I learned that With its comprehensive set of API functions, Sygic Fleet can be easily integrated into any fleet and workforce mobility solution!

  64. I learned that it has Reliable offline navigation – no internet needed which just amazes me.

  65. This stuff is great!!! You can receive alerts if kids go where it’s not safe & if you're in need send/receive SOS with exact location… Very cool!!!

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