Eight Bucket List Honeymoon Adventures

Honeymoons should be epic in every way! Couples tend to proceed with caution and “responsibleness” after kids or with the kids so this is your big chance to just go for it. After all this should a very memorable occasion so considering this let’s explore the ten bucket list honeymoon adventures everyone should at least consider.

Horseback riding on the beach is number one in my book. This is such a romantic experience whether you are doing sunrise or sunsets riding. Very popular in the Caribbean you can easily finds vendors who offer this and some even include a picnic meal with the ride.

Honeymoon adventures for your bucket list

Hot Air Balloon rides are the ultimate adventure! Enjoy a hot air balloon across the beautiful landscapes of your honeymoon destination. Two of my best balloon rides have been over the mountains as the leaves change for fall and across Caribbean destinations as the picture perfect landscape of the ocean simply takes your breath away.

Parasailing takes you to a new adrenaline high as you indulge in sailing across the land and landing where you may! You certainly need a care free soul to enjoy this however it is so freeing. Parasailing is offered in the US and Caribbean.

Road tripping throughout southern France is always a winner! Rent an exotic ride and enjoy every single aspect of the picturesque landscape. There is nothing like touring the French Riviera in a Maserati. Oh yes.

Snow sports are best in The Swiss Alps! They have every snow sport imaginable from snowboarding to snow skiing to snow kitting. Plus they are known for their 220 miles of dynamic ski trails.

Underwater Discovery is the best in the St. Croix! The clear blue water is perfect for any type of water sport. I love scuba diving and exploring the coral reefs along with glass bottom boat rides.

Volcano Rides are an adventure in their own category. Maui, Hawaii presents the 10,000 foot high Haleakala volcano. Let’s just say it is full of adventure with bike rides beyond belief on the volcano. A seven hour trip offers everything from wildlife to ultimate views of the island.

White Water Rafting is very adventurous. Whether planned or unplanned it offers you a world wind of adventure. You never get the same adventure twice. When it comes to white water rafting the adventure comes from travel the passionate water of the flowing river. I love the ones in the states.

Enjoy your moments of adventure!


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    stunning love the blue water .I want to be there now 🙂

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