Turkey Casserole Recipe

We all have turkey leftovers and most of us are sick of sandwiches. So what do you do? Maybe the turkey is getting a bit dry? Maybe you just love turkey and need to find a new way to enjoy it? Well a turkey casserole is a great way to feed a family, use your leftovers and warm up the house and bellies.  My mom use to make it when we had leftover turkey as children and I do it with my family. I actually wasn’t going to, but they love it so much they requested it. You literally use what you have leftover and what is in your cupboards. No fuss on running out for extras. 

turkey casserole



  • Leftover turkey (chicken can be used) I used two legs and a breast
  • 2 cups of gravy or 2 cans
  • 1 can of corn or other veggies (frown can be used)
  • 2 boxes of stove top stuffing or 2 -4 cups of homemade
  • Mashed potatoes
  • 1 cup of water (more if your turkey is dry)

I am pretty laid back when it comes to my casseroles. I use what I have and eye ball measurements. First I add the mashed potatoes to cover the bottom of the roasting pan. Then add the corn. We were out of frozen and kernel corn so I used Cream corn and it was really good. Then add turkey (cut up or pulled in small pieces) Then add gravy to cover. Top with stuffing and add water. Cook in the oven for 30 minutes at 300 degrees with lid on.  To crisp up the topping if you like remove lid and cook for another 10 minutes. All of this can be sized down depending on your family size and your pan size. Just add it in layers 🙂 

Serve and enjoy. We like to add a bit of salt and butter for the potatoes but you can eat it however you like. Maybe add some cranberries? 

How do you eat your turkey leftovers?


  1. Crystal Englot says

    Thank you! Now I know what is for supper tomorrow and I can clean up all our leftover turkey!

  2. I often made turkey tetrazzini with leftover turkey, but this recipe is so much easier.

  3. Elizabeth Matthiesen says

    I could eat this right now! My mouth is starting to water at the thought. I love cranberries so I'd definitely put them in too. Since I'm on my own now, when I make a chicken or turkey I do have lots of left-overs. Normally I use them to make stir fries but now I'll be making a casserole & enjoying that for a change.

  4. Jane Gray Hammill says

    I am awash with Turkey leftovers!! Thanks so much for this great write up I shall crack on and create this in the am!

  5. Judy C (Judy Cowan) says

    Love the sounds of the recipe, easy to make and a great way to use up leftovers! Will have to pin it for the next time we have turkey!

  6. I love turkey and turkey leftover dinners are awesome.Thanks for sharing a great way for us to enjoy all the leftovers.
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  7. Elva Roberts says

    I liked your recipe for the Turkey Casserole. I think cranberries would be the right sauce to serve with this dish. I, too, like to 'keep it simple' when I make a casserole. Thank you for this recipe.

  8. This looks so good ! and different .. I am so sick of the regular turkey left overs .. Will be trying this after Easter !I have it book marked

  9. love this recipe, I love making casserole's that I name everything but the kitchen sink, it's a good way to use up all the veggies and anything else you have, I have some who ask for the recipe but I don't have one just eyeball and start throwing everything together, they usually turn out the best

  10. thriftymommagogo says

    This looks great! I will bookmark for next time I have turkey leftovers. I cook the same way sometimes. I never duplicate exactly because I always eyeball my ingredients and rarely measure.
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