Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pommes Duchesse Recipe

stuffed chicken

Chicken is one of those foods everyone in my house will eat! I try to change it up every once in a while because we eat it so much. Recently my daughter made stuffed Chicken Breast with Pommes Duchesse and it was a hit! Check out the how to below. 

Stuffed Chicken Breast:

2 x 8 oz. chicken breasts

2 slices proscuitto

2 x 15 gr. Pcs. Fontina cheese

pre-made bread crumb bought in bulk

How to-

In a shallow frying pan combine butter and vegetable oil

Finish in 375 deg. Oven –approx. 25 mins.

• Slice the chicken along the middle not going all the way through then slice the sides opening up the chicken

• Wrap with plastic wrap and pound out , flattening the chicken

• Wrap the prosciutto around the cheese and place in the center of the chicken

• Close the chicken back up and put through egg wash then the breading (spread breadcrumbs on plate, coat evenly)

• Then let rest in the fridge for 15 minutes

• Add oil and butter to sauté pan

• Place chicken down presentation side first for 2 minutes 

• Flip and do the other side for 30 seconds

• Put on tray with parchment cook for 25 minutes

Pommes Duchesse:

2 potatoes

20 g. butter

2 egg yolks

Nutmeg, salt and white pepper

How to-

• Peel potatoes, cut in half add to pot with salt

• Bring to boil and simmer for 30 – 45 minutes

• Drain water, put through food mill

• Add yolk, butter, salt/pepper, and nutmeg to the potatoes

• Mix together then put into parchment bag

• Pip 6-8 potatoes on tray with parchment

Serves with your favourite veggie . This is way easier than you would have imagined. 

This is one of those dishes you think are going to be a bit difficult. However it is easier than you would think. You can prepare the chicken ahead of time for a quick no fuss week day meal! 



  1. Mmm that looks delicious.
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  2. Ronald G says

    I NEED to cook this…but I live the leftovers freeze OK for later?

  3. kathy downey says

    This is a meal my hubby would love thanks,will be making this for sure

  4. kristen v says

    wow this looks so delicious and i know my hubby would LOVE this! we always buy the store bought stuffed chicken so i have to give this a try !

  5. Elva Roberts says

    This recipe for Stuffed Chicken Breast with Pommes Duchesse sounds delicious and I hope mine will turn out as well as the one shown on your post.

  6. DARLENE W says

    Stuffed chicken is one of my favourite dishes, this recipe looks tasty

  7. Debbie White Beattie says

    OMG This recipe looks and sounds delicious. I love the crispy breaded outside.

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